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Issue with AI pathfinding near buildings replaced using the hide terrain objects module.
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When I used the hide object module in the editor to hide a building on Altis and placed a building from Livonia (I've tested with simulation enabled or disabled) in its place, the AI would often walk through the walls or would not attempt to garrison the newly placed building if given a garrison waypoint. However, if I moved the Livonian building a few meters back, away from the hide objects module, the AI had no trouble garrisoning it. I'm only using Version 1.98, with all DLCs with CBA_A3 v3.15.0.200404 and 3DEN Enhanced v 5.5 enabled.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce

AI fireteam placed and given a garrison waypoint. Altis building hidden using hide terrain objects module. Livonian building placed where Altis building was previously with similar orientation.

Additional Information

Current theory is that AI still recognize hidden building's pathing as the hide terrain objects module only makes the model invisible and disables collision.

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The Garrison waypoint you are using is not part of the Vanilla game, it is from the CBA_A3 mod. Please contact the creators of CBA_A3 with this issue.


Thank you for the response! I have retested the scenario with CBA removed and minor changes. I made myself the leader of the AI fireteam and gave them a waypoint to move inside the livonian building that replaced the Altis building using the hide object module. I then experienced similar behavior with AI walking through the walls or not attempting to move inside. I then move the house a few meters back, away from the module and they have no issues. This has also been replicated with buildings from the Global Mobilization DLC. Let me know if you need any more information or would rather have me create a new task.

Thanks again!