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the command: rating is wrong when the killed unit/vehicle hasa different side from the edited object.
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No matter the method for changing side (in editor with a non-present leader, via BIS_fnc_spawnGroup, via createVehicle + crew), if the required side is different from the side found in cfgVehicles or via the edited object, the rating logic is not updated and the total is like for a kill as usual sided unit.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

In vanilla 3den:

  • Place a player with a launcher (BLUFOR)
  • place an OPFOR tank like Angara class "O_MBT_04_cannon_F"
  • place a BLUFOR unit, group the tank to it, make this soldier presence to 0% or false (usual mean to change the side of the grouped object(s)

Now the Angara is blue.
Launch the preview

  • Fire at this tank (you can verify it's a BLUE one,).
  • When the tank is destroyed your rating increases from 0 to 1100

So, killing this kind of friendly unit can be fine for improving your rating.

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Thanks for the nice repro, I would've never even had the idea to test such a weird scenario :D