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Exchange of reloadmagazinesound cause log entry on server and clients
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When I replace the soundpath/file in a weapons "reloadmagazinesound" entry, which should only act as a clientside change, all other clients or the server itself generates a log file saying they are missing this new soundfile. Which is superfluous, since their weapon continues to use the vanilla sound and also plays the vanilla sound for them when I reload my weapon near them. Still, if eveyone has heard a soundfile being played, may it be the new one (on my client end) or the others (Server and all other clients) still there is a log in the RPT file saying its missing that sound from my client.

This makes every soundmod that also changes reload animation sounds an annoying affair for server admins and joining clients.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

It can be reproduced by loading a sound mod that also changes reload sounds. For example JSRS Soundmod and the separated JSRS Soundmod Reloadsounds Mod. I already had to separate them for this very reason. If the server now allows the keys of these mods and I join the server, every other player and the server itself is informed with a log that they are missing exactly these reloading sounds that I play on my site.

JSRS Soundmod:

and the Reloadingsounds:

Additional Information

This error will occur with every sound mod and will always be present, which reduces their popularity. Other projects that will influence existing weapons in the future to possibly replace these sounds will also produce these logs.

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Okey so, sitting on this for over 2 hours trying to get 2 Arma instances running to test this.
Self hosted server on a vanilla Arma, with a client loading jsrs + reloadingsounds.
client shoots a vanilla MX and reloads, no errors. No repro.

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Same client joining dedicated linux server that doesn't have jsrs loaded.
Client shoots vanilla MX, no errors. Client reloads, no errors.

Same thing with RHS Mk18, no repro.