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[Exp 1.08 Server] Items ignoring lifetime (?)
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After doing some testing with 1.08 Exp on my own server, I noticed the next day that all of the loot in the surrounding buildings was the same as the previous day.

I wondered if perhaps this was a problem with my configuration or perhaps the new modded mission file capability (which I was testing).

So I deployed a new, completely vanilla instance of 1.08 Exp, logged in with a new character, dropped my jeans (jeans_bluedark - vanilla lifetime of 300s), and logged out.

I logged back in 30 minutes later and the jeans were still there. Is it possible there is a bug in 1.08 that is causing items to ignore their lifetime values?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

I use CF Tools to deploy my server instances. I wouldn't rule out it could have something to do with that, but I go through the same exact process to deploy 1.07 servers and have never seen this issue.

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We have some items on our DUG exp 1.08 server just staying there.

sanguine00 added a subscriber: Geez.EditedJun 18 2020, 6:56 PM

It looks like this has been resolved as of the June 18th Experimental release (1.08.153212). I dropped my spawn jeans and a ruined steak knife and logged out to watch the logs:

11:20:10   Adding SteakKnife at [8460,2896]
11:20:39   Adding Jeans_Blue at [8456,2899]

11:25:51 <cleanup> Depleted:"Jeans_Blue" at [8456,2899] damage=0.00
11:25:51 <cleanup> Remove:"Jeans_Blue" at [8456,2899] damage=0.00
11:26:45 <cleanup> Depleted:"SteakKnife" at [8460,2896] damage=1.00
11:26:45 <cleanup> Remove:"SteakKnife" at [8460,2896] damage=1.00

I logged back in and they were both gone. Didn't see anything in the patch notes, but it looks like this is no longer an issue. Of note is that I did have to wipe persistence to get this result. @Geez

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