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LDF Combat Fatigues too much armor
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The LDF combat fatigues has about the same armor level as Opfor's armored uniform, which makes it fairly unbalanced in combination with the armored vests.
This only affects the limbs though.
Every uniform of LDF has this issue except for the sweater version.

The link below shows it:


Operating System
Windows 10

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Mudokony created this task.Jun 1 2020, 12:37 PM
Mudokony changed Severity from None to Major.Jun 2 2020, 3:44 PM

Is this just gonna be ignored? It is a big deal when it comes to fair PvP.

Can you try this on the latest dev branch? It should be better balanced if not please report back

Mudokony added a comment.EditedSep 5 2020, 9:44 PM

Thank you for the answer.
I just tested it in the dev branch, but unfortunately this issue still remains. I found a reliable way to easily see this: Take the Promet 6.5mm and shoot the knee, the unit must be facing towards you and has to be unarmed. Both Opfor and LDF (apart of the sweater variant) take 3 bullets to kill, while all the unarmed uniforms only take 2.

Tested on Development Build 2.01.146606

dedmen set Ref Ticket to AIII-53291.Dec 7 2023, 6:26 PM