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New M2 static HMG (Raised) will spawn as (Low) variants when using gun kits from another source
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For the purposes of clarity, (Low) is used as a suffix for the non-raised variants.

The new M2 Static HMG (Raised) will disassemble into Folded Tripod (Raised) and Dismantled M2 (Raised). However, bringing another Dismantled M2 (Raised) backpack and applying it to the Folded Tripod (Raised) of a disassembled gun will spawn an M2 (Low) variant.

When these novel M2 (Lows) are broken down, they will produce a Folded Tripod (Raised) of the appropriate type, but the Dismantled M2 will be converted from (Raised) to (Low)

This behavior occurs regardless of order of operation (gun or tripod on actor).

This behavior is consistent with all factional variants of the M2 HMG (Raised).

This behavior is *not* repeated when a Folded Tripod (Raised) is brought in from the outside

This behavior occurs with kits that are created through the Arsenal, I.E. not existing prior to mission start.


On GroundOn BackProducesBreaks down toPurpose
B_G_HMG_02_support_high_FB_G_HMG_02_high_weapon_FM2 (Low), with shield, without opticB_G_HMG_02_support_high_F + B_G_HMG_02_weapon_FHomogenous test
O_G_HMG_02_support_high_FB_G_HMG_02_high_weapon_FM2 (Low), with shield, without opticO_G_HMG_02_support_high_F + B_G_HMG_02_weapon_FOpfor Tripod, Blufor Gun
O_G_HMG_02_support_high_FI_HMG_02_high_weapon_FM2 (Low), with shield, with opticO_G_HMG_02_support_high_F + I_HMG_02_weapon_FOpfor Tripod, Indep Gun
B_G_HMG_02_support_high_FI_E_HMG_02_high_weapon_FM2 (Low), with shield, with opticB_G_HMG_02_support_high_F + I_E_HMG_02_weapon_FBlufor Tripod, Indep Gun
B_G_HMG_02_support_high_FO_G_HMG_02_high_weapon_FM2 (Low), with shield, without opticB_G_HMG_02_support_high_F + O_G_HMG_02_weapon_FBlufor Tripod, Opfor Gun
I_C_HMG_02_support_high_FO_G_HMG_02_high_weapon_FM2 (Low), with shield, with opticI_C_HMG_02_support_high_F + O_G_HMG_02_weapon_FIndep Tripod, Opfor Gun
I_HMG_02_support_high_FB_G_HMG_02_high_weapon_FM2 (Low), with shield, without opticI_HMG_02_support_high_F + B_G_HMG_02_weapon_FIndep Tripod, Blufor Gun
B_G_HMG_02_high_weapon_FI_HMG_02_support_high_FM2 (Raised), with shield, without opticI_HMG_02_support_high_F + B_G_HMG_02_high_weapon_FDoes NOT occur when outside kit is Tripod (Raised)

Optics were not closely monitored, but no abnormalities were noted.

While disassembling an existing gun allows for normal reassembling, any outside gun kits are converted to their (Low) variants upon use.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Placed In Map variant

  1. Start Arma 3
  1. Go to Editor
  1. Place M2 (Raised) (Units->BLUFOR, INDEP, OPFOR -> Turrets -> M2 (Raised))
  1. Place an actor
  1. Using editor, give actor a Dismantled M2 HMG (Raised) backpack, or place one on the map to be picked up
  1. Begin scenario
  1. Disassemble the placed M2 (Raised)

7.1) You will produce Folded Tripod (Raised) and Dismantled M2 (Raised)

  1. Use the actor's Dismantled M2 HMG (Raised) on the disassembled M2's Folded Tripod (Raised)
  1. You will have produced an M2 (Low)
  1. Disassemble the M2 (Low)
  1. You will produce Folded Tripod (Raised) and Dismantled M2 (Low)

Arsenal Pull variant:

  1. Start Arma 3
  1. Go to Editor
  1. Place an Arsenal
  1. Place an actor
  1. Begin scenario
  1. Use Arsenal to acquire Folded Tripod (Raised) and Dismantled M2 (Raised)
  1. Place kits into the map and activate
  1. You will have produced an M2 (Low)
  1. Disassemble the M2 (Low)
  1. You will produce Folded Tripod (Raised) and Dismantled M2 (Low)
Additional Information

Severity: Minor, as this is an edge-case situational problem but could be aggravating to planned loadouts.

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The backpacks I_HMG_02_weapon_F and I_HMG_02_high_weapon_F both have their assembleInfo >> assembleTo as I_HMG_02_F, and both assemble to the low variant. I_HMG_02_high_weapon_F should assemble to I_HMG_02_high_F. I would consider this a fairly high priority as players cannot assemble the high variant from arsenal backpacks.

dedmen closed this task as Resolved.Apr 29 2020, 1:26 PM
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Fix landed in hotfix.