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A poem about issues with spears
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To Bohemia Interactive and whoever else read

I come bearing news of incredulous dread

For spears in the game that you like to call DayZ

Have animations only fit for the wicked and crazy

For players hold spears like guns to their chest

But when players swing them, it's more like a jest

They swing them like shovels, and axes of pick

Trying to kill zeds with the spear's wobbly stick

The sight alone gives people cramps by laughter

But even more damning is stuff that comes after

For spears are weak and don't even swing that far

It's no wonder then the spear stopped being a star

I snuck behind a zombie and swinged at his head

Expecting the wicked beast to fall on ground dead

Instead the zombie cried bloody murder and yelled

And all his friends ate me to my last bloody cell


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Hello Brother_Hao.
The spear is currently a WIP (unfinished) item that should not be available to players by the means of vanilla crafting. Therefore issues are to be expected. If the item is currently available to be crafted on the vanilla version, please let us know so we can disable the crafting action until the item is ready to be released.
We also thank you for the poem, it is wonderful!


Yea you can still craft spears

Beavis added a subscriber: Beavis.EditedApr 9 2020, 9:53 AM

Yeah, you've been able to craft spears since 0.63 experimental at some stage I think. There are older tickets about the animation too (just search "spear"). I'd rather keep swinging the spear a while longer than see the craft disabled to be honest, but with bayonets having a proper stabbing animation it shouldn't be that far off for the spear, no?

PS: Don't forget to use the animation for the Long Stick and Trident too when it's done!

PS 2: @Brother_Hao +1.000 for the poem!