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Extreme server performance drop by unknown Error
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Hello, on my server I have a message with I never seen before and I have no idea what it exactly means.

22:47:07 [CE][Estimate] :: !!! Avoidance system overloaded :: Reached MAX_VEHICLE= 768 :-(

I have tons of messages like that, and while it happens performance of server drop for something like half, even when there is no vehicles on the server I'm still getting tons of these messages, what do they mean?


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Windows 2012 r2
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

30 + PPL on the server after 1-2h of play

Additional Information

Machine performance is great:

Server FPS drop from 400 (~40PPL)
to 70/200 ( hard to determinate exactly)

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Thank you for the report Kirlen.
We are aware of this error and fix is being worked on internally.

g0nz0 added a subscriber: g0nz0.Mar 29 2020, 4:09 PM

Any solution for this coming? still got this error after full car wipe and banned cars..

Same question, any plans, cuz server performance getting wors and wors cuz of that

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Hello everyone.
The issue has been resolved internally and the fix will appear in the future update. The solution goes as follows:

The avoidance system overloaded message appears whenever the buffer the system has allocated is not large enough to accommodate for every relevant entity.
Relevant entities being those tied to an event, excluding zombies and animals.
Because of this message causing too much confusion and annoyance around what it means and how it behaves, it has been adjusted for 1.10.

For starters, this message will no longer spam the message for every entity that is above the limit of the capacity, it will output it only once per loop of the avoidance system.
The capacity has also been increased to 1024 from 768, to allow more wiggle room and make it harder to reach the cap.
And finally, the message itself has gotten a revamp as well, to be more clear about what it actually means and give some hints about what might be wrong.

Old message:

[CE][Estimate] :: !!! Avoidance system overloaded :: Reached MAX_VEHICLE= 768 :-(

New message:

[CE][Estimate] :: !!! Avoidance system overloaded :: The amount of events currently on the map exceeds the maximum supported= 1024 :: Cars= # :: Wrecks= # :: Objects= # :: :-(

The # will be filled in with the amount of that category currently in the system.

To give more insight about these categories:
Cars: The amount of vehicles currently on the map
Wrecks: The amount of wrecks currently on the map (To be clear, not car wrecks, but what the community knows as "Helicopter crash sites" or "Police car wreck")
Objects: The amount of items currently on the map spawned by events (Such as the fruit, mushrooms, small stones and PileOfWoodenPlanks)