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Request: Please add RegisterNetSyncVariableString to EntityAI
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Currently there is no way, without doing RPC magic to synchronize a string on an EntityAI.
This would be helpful for many things, including writing on paper, in books, etc.


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currently we have:

but no RegisterNetSyncVariableString

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I double down on this being useful.

String would be really heavy on network, most of times, you have workaround to be not heavy on network, like make an action read, and this action send the string, so, when you enter bubble network of item, you don't have a lot bytes to get from the server.

I agree it would be nice, but that could be a lot of unnecessary network traffic if you have a bunch of entities that store string data to be synced to the client when within network range.

Of course, we as mod makers, have to be careful about how we implement the use of it.

For example, I just helped someone with a bit of a work-around for storing steam64id on a player in a way that the client is able to grab it (as they can't use GetIdentity().GetPlainId()). Splitting the string into a couple integers, then reassembling them into a string when requested, using sync'd integers. However syncing the string would actually end up far less intensive than 3 integers with disassembling and reassembling code.

I'm aware that RPC is an option, but that also seems overkill to be honest.

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Hello AussieCleetus.
This is not available due to being too network heavy and we do not plan on adding this in the future.