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Crafting Tooltip client crash
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I've just tested and if you have more than 20 recipes registered for same ingredients(and quantity/same conditions) combination, client will suffer a crash to desktop on combine or on looking at one of the items with the other in hand.

Most common recipe is Nails + Planks so if a server has several mods which register recipes of these types then players can crash on combine.

Unsure what the solution could be here but i think the issue is due to too many tooltips to scroll through.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

There is already 1 recipe for Nails + Planks for Wooden Crate.

Copy Recipe of Wooden Crate 20 times(with different tooltip for best results). Register it 20 times. At this point you'd have 21 recipes. Try to combine Nails + Planks. Crash will occur. Remove 1 recipe, try combine again and this time will be fine.

This can be reproduced with other types of ingredients as well as long as conditions are met for 21 crafting recipes.

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found this const int MAX_CONCURENT_RECIPES = 20; in PluginRecipesManager which kinda explains the threshold but obv not the client crash