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Dead guy, non-refillable magazine and possible ghost bullets
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Part in parenthesis ( ) is basically description what is in first half of the video.

(I have killed guy using m4 -with ruined suppressor, and then I have switched my half full mag to full mag in m4 by holding R button. Then I have looked what was in his inventory. I have killed zombie with FNX and put my bottle suppressor from m4 on the ground. I have tried to fill my m4 magazine but with no luck.)

1:12 - unable to fill m4 magazine (trying few times)
2:48 - 3:08 - also I think I have experienced ghost bullets (I am not hitting zombie every time but when I did there is no blood from him, he did not react to hit with knockback also).

After that ghost bullets I had m4 with full filled magazine in hands. I had left the game than connected on the same server again and I had half full magazine in m4 which I had after I killed a guy. - see images

Before reconnect: (see magazine in m4)

After reconnect: (see magazine in m4)

I suppose that killing guy, switching magazine in gun by holding R button and interacting with his inventory may cause that I cannot fill my m4 magazine with bullets.

Also I heard it from multiple top dayz streamers that you should not reload magazine in gun by holding R button, because than that magazine may became non-refillable.

We had experienced the same problem before (not on video). We had killed a guy and reloaded magazines - by holding R button, we was interacting with dead guy inventory (opening or also taking his items) and than my friend was unable to fill one of his own mags. Also my friend experienced ghost bullets on zombies. Not immediately but after shooting few zombies. Then he tried drop his magazine on the ground which was unable to fill and his game crashed.


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Windows 10 x64
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official server, game version experimental 1.07.152937

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Valach created this task.Feb 8 2020, 1:18 AM
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You guys made progress in game by new engine - game optimization, better enviroment, animations, stamina system disease system, modding options, base building end so on but game is still not completely bug free.

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Allantheking added a subscriber: Allantheking.EditedFeb 8 2020, 3:40 PM already been since 1.05 there is more info in the comments

ghost bullets are a desync between client and server

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Thank you for the report Valach.
We have confirmed some of the issues you have mentioned related to reloading of a weapon and interacting with the inventory of a corpse.

Allantheking added a comment.EditedFeb 14 2020, 2:46 PM

@Geez it doesnt only happen with corpses, containers, sea chest etc too