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Black screen and computer freezes
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I played Dayz without any problems until yesterday when I returned home and started running the game I noticed that the game after launch has the status "not responding" and no logos or main screen (menu) appear.
After about 20 seconds of looking at a black screen my computer completely froze! And I had to turn off the power.
I tried a couple more times to run Dayz but all to no avail.

I also tried deleting the game / deleting BattleEye / installing new drivers / Cleaning files.

I have never had such problems before, can I somehow solve it?

I solved it.

  1. You need someone else, for instance a friend.
  2. Let your friend log onto your steam account.
  3. Let your friend start DayZ.
  4. Let your friend close DayZ and log off from steam again.
  5. You log back into your own account and you should be able to launch it and play again!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

go to the launcher - > Click play (without mods) and wait for the standard download -> the Game does not start and hangs a black screen -> the computer Freezes and I have to restart it.

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@Ulpiorra1 Hi, Find the DayZ folder on the way C:\Users\UsersName\Documents\DayZ
Rename the folder "DayZ" to for example "DayZ 1"
Launch the game, this will create a new folder "DayZ" and new files in it.

It did not help, I tried a couple of times and the bug still remained

A new Dayz folder "dayz 1" appears, but it doesn't help

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