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BattlEye Game Restart Required
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Upon launching Arma 3 I have parameters currently set up through Arma 3 Launching Options on steam as the following : | "-noLauncher" enableBattleye=1 | and the game proceeds to run absolutely flawlessly unless I join a Battleye monitored server, then it blocks me saying the following | You were kicked off the game: (BattlEye: Game Restart Required) | Even without the enableBattleye=1 parameter within the launching options it would still block me from BattlEye servers requiring a restart. I can't Join any BattlEye monitored servers. I use the "-noLauncher" parameter to avoid using the launcher, as on my Ubuntu Linux distro, there is no compatibility with the Arma 3 launcher if I use the steam proton to try and join Window's hosted servers. The only issue I would find upon launching Arma 3 with the Steam proton compatibility with Windows was receiving immediate kicks upon joining a BattlEye monitored server.


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Linux Based Distro : Ubuntu
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I already tried several other attempts at fixing the BattlEye service by validating my files, but nothing was validated incorrectly. I heard from many other people that you need to go into your files and install the BattlEye service installer manually, but the installer doesn't launch for me. I also use the Vulcan api graphics reader that translates Window's code to understandable Linux : Ubuntu code.

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BattlEye in Arma 3 is currently not compatible with Proton. If anything you need to use the native Linux port.

The native linux port for Arma 3 multiplayer has little to no server hostings. PLEASE can someone show me a bypass or a compatible way to make Arma 3's battleye work, I paid good money and i'm not stopping this far. I've spent several hours on arma 3 alone downloading to try and make the multiplayer compatible with the Windows multiplayer ports and this is my last step.

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Does this link help you?
I search on google and I think it can help in some way

Sorry but none of your links directly resolved my solution. Anymore ideas?