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aileronTRightDamaged and aileronBRightDamaged animation source incorrect (issue present on A-164 wipeout speedbrake)
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On the A-164 wipeout, you can see that the aileron speed brake on the right side of the aircraft displays the incorrect animation.
I believe this is an issue due to the source as I am currently working on adding a similar feature and the only way to fix this is to swap B (bottom) and T (top) animations around, unless this is intentional, although there is no information on the wiki regarding this.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Professional 10.0.18362 Build 18362
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get inside A-164 wipeout
  2. Apply speedbrake/brake
  3. Observe right wing
Additional Information video showing issue on A-164 wipeout

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Thank you for the report. We will have a look at it.

@Wulf related to T144897.
See the 2rd screen, where you can see the right Wipeout's aileron texture colliding with Falchion-22 air-air missile vs. 3rd screen, where the left Wipeout's aileron has no colision with Falchion-22 air-air missile.
As one can see, right aileron texture is different from left aileron texture.
It's because right aileron is flipped and one sees the texture of its opposite side, which is wrong.
So Wipeout's right aileron must be rotated, so the player sees its texture on the opposite side and it won't collide with missile anymore.

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