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Basebuilding - Built fences disappear - since PC Vers 1.6 but can also be earlier!
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Fences that I have built months ago are disappearing piece by piece.

*Please take under what before my entire base has been (over 300 hours work) for nothing.


Operating System
Windows 7
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Build fences and wait about 3-4 month. Then they will go disappear piece by piece!

Additional Information

Watchtower works fine!

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Its not only a small fence which build a base. It´s much taler like the wall of china! I build a fence arround a village! Look here:

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Dec 16 2019, 3:07 PM

They have a 45 day persistence. That means if you don't interact with them for 45 days they will despawn. interacting in this case would be anything like adding or removing components from the wall's inventory and whatnot.

I had it the other day where I did all the nail board switch trick to "interact" with is and we had to restart the server for an adjustment to the loot and when we started the server back up some of it was gone. So I am not sure if the 45 day stuff even gets reset or not but some people have big bases and it is difficult to do that to everything all the time. Should make a better system of where they don't despawn and have someone manually delete it, but then a tracking and deleting system would have to be in place... Hmmm, sorry just thinking out loud, it might take a bit more thought but there has to be a better way; like even if logging in and out at that spot (radius thing) resets the timer. IDK


I see your post is from over a year ago.. well.. 2 years and last comment is over 1 year.... I AM HAVING THIS SAME PROBLEM TODAY!!! MARCH 27, 2021...and this....
It disappears while we are still in the game... I mean like we went to the next town over to look for loot and we were gone from base maybe an hour and almost everything was gone. A few walls and 2 out of 7 doors where there.... vehicle despawned as well. It had been if our server restarted but never in game... even the water pump we put in is gone... I mean WTF!? And by no means was there a 45 day period...

What can I do to fix this??? If this keeps up, I don't see us continuing to play...