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Wolves or the bear won't fight against zombies.
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In old patches, wolves would fight zombies and z's would fight back if they were close enough. But after 1.06 that's not happening anymore. I encountered a pack of wolves so I locked myself inside a barrack and zombies also chased me, the wolves and the infected only wanted to kill me without even fighting among them which is weird and not realistic. I do not know if this is intended but just in case this is a bug here's the report.
It also applies to bears and infected.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Manage to be at the same place with wolves or a bear and a group of infected, observe how they only worry about you and do not fight against each other.

Additional Information

Official servers, Livonia

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I can confirm this, zombies and other AI will no longer fight each other. This is a more serious issue than it might seem, since shooting to attract zombies has long been a legit strategy to escape wolves. I tried this in Livonia the other day when a flock of wolves chased me up a green tower. Instead a damn bear came out of the woods too, so I had a bear, six wolves and about a dozen infected milling about below the tower - all focused on me...

wolves I find less aggressive
les loups je les trouve moins agrésif

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Hello everyone.
This is currently intended state that may change for the future versions.

Beavis added a comment.EditedDec 16 2019, 5:26 PM

Thanks for the info @Geez, but why on earth would you do such a change, and unannounced at that? That feature was not just a bit of funny flair, it was also a way to escape wolves when ill equipped to deal with them. Please please please rethink this, it feels like yet another feature sacrificed in the hunt for better server performance, am I right? Instead look to e.g. how infected stay aggroed to cars even after the driver has left it, I can imagine that takes some unnecessary computing power.

At the very least add a config toggle so server owners can enable wolf vs infected fighting on their servers.

This is still an issue. Not too long ago I was at a military base when a pack of wolves came out of no where. I quickly ran inside of a barracks and closed the door behind me to get some cover. The wolves started to circle the barracks so I fired some shots at one of them and killed it. This aggro the zombies nearby and I was surprised that the wolves and zombies didn't attack each other because I know that zombies will chase after pigs and try to kill them. I waited for a few minutes to see if they would attack each other but they were all still focused on me. Pinned down by a pack of wolves and zombies I had to log out.

@Geez Do you know if there are any plans to revert this change in the future? I made a server side mod that community servers can use, but I am still curious if and when they will start fighting each other on vanilla again. Tricking zombies to turn up and fight the wolves was a valid (and entertaining) way to escape a difficult situation, now they gang up on the player instead. If a bear comes walking he'll camp the player too - it is actually unfair...

What was the reasoning behind the change? Gameplay? Server performance? Or maybe because of the wonky AI vs AI collision physics? (When zeds fight wolves or attack other animals they and/or the animals often get launched high into the air, ending up on top of buildings in many cases.)

Adding to my comment from April - I have had the feature activated on my servers through a mod since I noticed it was intentionally disabled, and I have noticed no detrimental effect on server performance.