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Tidesystem breaks Boats from beeing able to drive
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Whenever someone uses the tideconfigs "maxTide" and/or "minTide" in any mapconfig, boats refuse to drive since the last A3 update. This is relevant for any usermade maps, like mine "Distrikt 41 - Ruegen" and can be replicated by using those tide-mods that change these values for vanilla maps (see links to workshops below).

Boats will just start rotating their motors, but not move any bit. Even teleporting, moving them under water or spawning them in the air changes anything.

Looks like since the update boats dont check anymore for the actual waterlevel, but look for the vanilla level and pretend to be flying and therefore refuse to move.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Change any mapconfig to add and use one or both of those tideconfigs:

MinTide = 1;
MaxTide = -6.5;

Try any vanilla boat, same goes for CUP etc.

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Is this issue still present? Are you experiencing the above issues? We tested it and it seems to work as it should.

Yep still the same.

I tested with 2 different maps, one with CUP and one without any mods using MaxTide = -6;. On both maps the boats won't move, either player or A.I.
I then switched to Dev version and tested both maps again, an had the same issue.

The only time it worked was if I used MaxTide = -1;
Before the last update you could use -6 or -10 and boats worked fine

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I can also confirm this, having tested MaxTide = -6;

Boats do not work after placing them on the water. The engine dies, and it seems like the physics are disabled. I placed a boat and SkippedTime to find the vessel floating in the air - where the water level was before the skip. The boat class also replicates the same engine/inoperable state on land as well. To throw another curve ball, an amphibious class vehicle does work (M113 in this case).