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Admin abuse on one of the biggest private server.
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First' of all, I am sorry if I made this ticket in the wrong category but I couldn't find any other place for it. This is not "PLEASE, UNBAN me ticket". I am just reporting an admin abusing his rights, and possibly violating TOS. Please, read till the end to understand my frustration. I will provide screenshots of our dialogue from discord as well.

Here it is. All happened on Bambiland #1

I played on that server for 3-4 months. I've seen admin doing so many un-fair things but I tried to ignore. I am talking about discriminating players from other countries, spawning items for his close mates. He was actually spawning buildings for donators wherever they want and actually gave them prioritized queue login which was giving some players power over other players. Over 20$ anyone could get that. In a way, like PAY TO WIN.

In general, He was only being to some specific people in the community who pay him online. Like, 10 out of 110  slot server. There were people that he banned for cheating but later when some time passed he un-banned them. I quit playing Dayz because of my work schedule. But now I am back.  
I asked him to clean a building for me. That building used to be abandoned base with walls built inside the wall. I couldn't remove those to settle there. Anyways, he banned my account. He told me that, I had my old steam account banned. To be clear, I am a software engineer working in a big company. Sometimes, I use Cheat Engine to scan memory or Hex editing. Nothing to do with the game. I get those bans every month. But I can't fix it because of my work. So I just buy a new game and start a new account. This is just what I do. But it usually happened with the VAC ban due to, me, CS: GO having open on the background but this time happened with Battle Eye.

In Fact, played this game for 2.000 hours+ Arma 3 mods. He server banned my new server account. I contacted him asking what. He just said, "cheater is a cheater". And that was it. I told him that I, and people who think like me will start ticket about him.

To be clear, I never got reported for cheating. He never had evidence to ban me. Nothing but an assumption. Later he said his server his rules. There are no Terms of uses. Or admin guidelines. So, he is just passing time and abusing his rights.

I will follow this ticket until the server admin gets a warning or something. Because it is so frustrating to see people ruin the community. I hope you understand my concern. I will start playing on another server with people who got treated the same as me. But I don't want him to hosting such a toxic server. There are 15+ players including my team who motivated me to make this ticket.

If you read till the end, thank you for your patience and attention. I will provide you a RAR file with screenshots in it and will leave you to decide.
If this is not the place to report this. Please tell me where can I report him


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GKDarius created this task.Nov 4 2019, 9:35 PM
Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Nov 4 2019, 11:03 PM

@GKDarius Hi. Private server can have its own rules on the server and rules on restrictions for this server. The ban on the server does not define a global ban. A global ban comes in Battle Eye. All questions about the reason for a global ban should be resolved there

But having private server doesn't give him rights to ban people as he likes, on false pretenses? What about selling privileges? Buildings? Spawning guns for his friends? I don't care about my global ban on my other account. I already carried on and bought new game for my other account. I am used to it.

All this ticket is about discussing if the admin is abusing his rights or not.

Lex added a comment.EditedNov 5 2019, 11:22 AM

But having private server doesn't give him rights to ban people as he likes, on false pretenses? What about selling privileges? Buildings? Spawning guns for his friends? I don't care about my global ban on my other account. I already carried on and bought new game for my other account. I am used to it.

All this ticket is about discussing if the admin is abusing his rights or not.

I'm not a team game developers, and not from the server administrators. I'm just a player.
What is the cost to buy and maintain a private server?
I often play on such servers. I do not break the rules of the game on the server. I have not seen in the rules of the game on servers - a mandatory fee for the game on the server. This volunteer for any player on the server.
Players can buy a spawn point on the map (the base), rare weapons, outfit. Players with the privilege, do not have anything more than than the existing mechanics for all players.
Privileges that are sold to players, working as a temptation to buy privileges.
Privileges that are sold to players is limited. Otherwise, it can ruin the atmosphere of the game for players with no privileges. This is the risk of having an empty server for disadvantaged players.
But that is no reason that would use the hack in the game on the server. Just find another server for your game, if the level of privilege disrupt your gaming experience. I have never met such that the server administrator to abusing admin rights, create unbearable conditions of the game, for players without privileges. I have never met such that the server administrator to help the player with the privileges, than more than paid for the privilege.

I do understand that logic. I was so pissed that time. I still am. I really didn't like his attitude towards players. He was treating some people, mostly turks, so bad. Even tho I donated to that server to maintain 110 slots and have better performance.

He just fabricated claim to ban me. In a way that was so obvious. Like also insulting my inteligence. and his last words were my server my rules.

Meh, I never insulted or been toxic to anyone. I just played. I did not hope you guys to ban the server but maybe a warning. After all, it is not my concern. I started new server.

Point of this ticket was to prevent such situations for others.

Lex added a comment.EditedNov 7 2019, 1:13 PM

@GKDarius From the correspondence with the administrator - you tried to fool the administrator several times.
What level of toxicity you'd expect from such a correspondence?
If your ban mistake, you have to solve it in
Why do you think that the prohibition in Steam - will not cause doubt to you? From any administrator.
I try to be objective, since all that you have provided. Administrator second time forbids you, because you can not explain \ rehabilitate first global ban . From what you have provided - which claims to be the administrator who does not want the server to have the player will receive a global ban, but try to go to a different account.

As I stated above. I never fooled him. I have already you and him. I am software developer working abroad for foreign company. I am obligated to debug, understand and improve server performance. I use Cheat Engine as well as other memory scanners, debug tools, hex editors. I have same laptop that I play but also do working. It has happened to me more that once. All my accounts has VAC bans, because CE is getting picket all the time. I don't want to deal all these tickets and other things. i just buy new game and move on. This time Battle Eye picked CE as well. I don't mind that. BUT AFTERALL, I DID EXPLAIN HIM ALL THESE BEFORE. Please, check .RAR file that i provided with screenshots.

I am already working hard. I know how hard it is to unban a steam account.

In addition, let me remind you that I am not complaining about my steam global ban.

My complaining is that server administration is not being fair. Admin is using "objective reasons" as an excuse to make other portion of server angry and control server integrity.
If this would happen someone that was someone from Poland, Germany or any other, He wouldn't make same decisions. He is turning blind eye to his close friends, discord mates. Last time he banned everyone from Russian IP. Because they were speaking russian in chat for a bit. But later that day he spoke with his pals in german for good 30 mins. Same as banned russians.

Admin is being selective and racist. He is making assumption about people and treating them as he wishes. I know how many times i reported his friends breaking rules. Making glitch bases. He did nothing. I know how many times he banned a greek group for glitch-raiding, and cheating. They all came back. Same nicknames, sometimes same Steam accounts. WE NEVER GOT AN ANNOUNCEMENTS. Ask him about Thorqun, Omni, Seraph and others. If you read till end patiently, I really thank you. I did not expect this take long but I am really glad.

Lex added a comment.Nov 8 2019, 10:16 AM

@GKDarius You communicate with the administrator in Discord. That means the community of players the server has a communication channel. In their communication channel has rules on the server?

Yes, they do have rules channel.

Lex added a comment.Nov 9 2019, 12:32 PM

Yes, they do have rules channel.

You need to resolve any questions about the accounts of the players or the administrators on the server forum or Discord, in which you played. Claims must be supported on the rules of the game on the server, and the absence of violations on your part. Correspondence you have provided indicates the start - as you try to fool the administrator several times. What is the result of negotiations do you expect, if you start a dialogue with the deception?

I fooled administrator? How? When?

Oh i see it now what u were talking about. I don't want to get too defensive here. But, I must really protest that. Thinking of admin's character, It was obvious that he wasn't going to be objective. And I didnot want to mention ban and give him the excuse right away. Anyway, there is no point to discuss ethics. Lying or cheating, or not cheating. Even if I got unbanned I won't go back. This is feedback tracker. There was ToS violation, and admin rights abuse. And I thought that it worth to mention here. Appearantly, it is not worth. At least, i got this on archive here or smth. I wouldn't be suprised if i see someone else reporting the server. i already seen few reddit posts about admin abuse got removed,#

Hope you will have a nice day. Have fun.

Lex added a comment.Nov 10 2019, 9:24 AM

I fooled administrator? How? When?

Administrators on private servers are different. I corresponded with some, until the moment when they could be mutual claims. Only in one case, I had gone from a server to a claim addressed to me, as an administrator in nature seemed strange to me.
You did not provide a single fact, where there is a claim to the manager and there is understandable behavior. You provide a correspondence, which implies that the administrator wanted to restore your character on the server. He asks you to give the ID Steam. You gave him the ID Steam which is banned. Then you beat quite convincing, and continued to insist on its demand. In any rules for any of the servers has a point: - The attempt of fraud administrator entails prohibition or increase existing ban (or similar). We can say that each administrator has its own principles and rules, and in this situation it is the right to act on your server as he pleases.
How long did you play on this server?

I did not ask him restore my character.  I asked him to return my donator privileges. My donator role on discord and priority queue.  He asked my new steam account or I provided before hand. So, when he asked my old account I just said my friend/brother using it. But he had access to see my old steam account anyway. Since, steam account IDs stored for login queue. He saw i was banned. 
But all this time i was just dodging all the long awkward talk about my ban. I know it seems off but It is what it is.  People jump in decision when they see ban, and i just ignore. Steam community, modding community and others. Happens all the time.  Rules doesn't mention about Global bans or lying to admin or something. I got banned, was false positive but I payed the price. I lost 2.000 hours steam account with hundreds of screenshots from 0.49 till 1.05. Friends I made did not log for +300 days. 
What principles. Only goal he has, is to control the player community as he likes. And ban people. It is easy to get claims.  My team got killed by hacker shooting thru walls of castle from 1500meters away in the dark, with mosin/ PU scope. we reported, never got ban.

We raided his friend's base, took his stuff. And He banned us bcuz he thought we would just let it go. But we didnot, and he ended up unbanning us. Later, the guy who we raidedd was showing off us how admin spawned items back. Even extra tents. I still have screenshots.

Few days later, we got glitch raided. Most stacked base on server. And admin offered us a car tent.

If you were playing on that server you would understand that Admin is taking side. There was 3 russian squads that forced to leave bcuz of admin not paying attention to them. 4 Turkish teams quit bcuz of admin, letting his friends to break rules. Even basic base building rules.** WHICH ARE LISTED IN RULES SECTION. ** . How many times we faced racist speech in trader zone. Admin did not take an action.

He is just being selective where he will take an action. It is discriminative.
Lex added a comment.Nov 11 2019, 12:48 PM

Maybe this will help you decide on your claim

  1. This license agreement
  2. Read these questions and explanations of positions

Can I host game server and "sell or lease ingame items" or "pay to play" or similar gameplay monetizing methods?
Is there any acceptable way I can make money on my server/website?

  1. Dayz Server Monetization Rules

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