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Cant Break down Gates with Frames on them.
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So if you take a sledgehammer or hatchet to a gate you can break down the wooden gates outer wall. once the outer wall is destroyed leaving the frames on the gate you cant break the gates wooden frames down top or bottom. if you remove the wire and make it to a fence not a gate you can break it down from the outside.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
build 17763
Steps To Reproduce

1.Build a fence to the frames

  1. attach a wire to the fence
  2. get a hatchet or sledgehammer
  3. try to break the frames of the gate from outside
  4. this is reproducible with and without mods
Additional Information

I am using Dayz version 1.05.152380

I used a vanilla DayZ world to test and confirm this bug, was originally reported to me on our modded server.

I listed this as major since the breaking of gates is a great way to get into bases. also people can make only one way in bases and use the gates as that one way in to protect any form of raiding.

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Dumpgrah created this task.Sep 15 2019, 1:51 AM

Been up for a while. No response. Am I wrong or just not important?

Geez changed the task status from New to Acknowledged.Nov 12 2019, 1:11 PM
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Hello Dumpgrah and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix. Also, we do read all the tickets that are posted in here, however, due to the amount of issues being reported and the issue priorities the tickets may not get answered immediately.

Hello This report was created 6 months ago and yet gated frames still can not be torn down with any tool, im not saying you dont want to fix this or not but honestly this is a very big bug in my view as it makes an exploitable way to make bases unraidable with the right effort, while i know 3 digit and 4 digit locks can be forced and found out, the idea that a base could be entirely unraidable if they people build nothing but gates is bothersome. i as a modded have looked into why this bug is here and i cant figure it out (mind you im not the best modder) please fix this. i would greatly appreciate it

Hi devs, please do not remove this feature!

  1. There are very few places where this actually affects bases being raidable as 99.9% of the time either the lock or wire are removable and thus the gate CAN be taken down.
  2. IF you’re lucky enough to find a place where you can’t see the wire or lock then that’s great! Finally you can have a secure place to store gear without a freshie coming along with an axe and stealing everything when you’re asleep! I and a LOT of my friends play all the time but we need to sleep, I can’t tell you how many times we lost everything just because we weren’t there for an hour or 2!!
  3. Base building instead should be looked at, why not have concrete mixers so concrete walls can be constructed? This would still make it raidable just a lot harder.
  4. We all where on the of verge of quitting this great game until I discovered this, it’s a great feature please please don not remove or am afraid to say you could potentially lose a lot of players, we currently operate across multiple servers with many players and I’d hate to leave because we can’t secure our goods correctly.

Many thanks

I agree with Eamonn’s comment above.

I would also mention that there is large disparity between the time it takes to collect all the building materials, build a base and collecting all the high end loot compared to the 10mins it takes to break down a gate or fence.

At this moment in time the gate glitch is the only thing keeping me interested in playing DayZ as I am already disheartened with the base building and base security.

I would suggest stronger building materials which require rare tools to destroy.

I see base building as a big part of my desire to play DayZ - please make some updates to allow this to be enjoy properly rather than the current fruitless activity that it is. Encourage us to build! Allow us to build somewhere that we can defend through enjoyable PVP!


Mind you they both have great points of how long it takes to break down a gate or fence is quite silly, i do however disagree that this is a feature but rather a broken mechanic, while yes its easy to break into a base it could be balanced in more ways then keeping a broken mechanic ingame,

  1. extended the time it takes to break down a fence
  2. maybe make each completion of the action dmgs the fences parts health. upon being ruined it takes the economy to delete that part
  3. combine both 1 and 2
  4. another thing you could do is remove some of the tools used in base raiding itself. like the crowbar or not
  5. maybe instead of removing tools that could raid maybe make those tools each take more time then another, probly the sledgehammer being the fastest.
  6. make destroy gates with pliers anywhere on the gate not just the metal wire post, since its easy for people to hide the metal wire posts where the action is not triggered

Some suggestions.

all in all, a broken mechanic isnt a feature and no matter what you do offline raiding will always be a thing, since you can't control or force people to do anything.

I understand both Eamonn79 and Neils2987 concerns on offline raiding and I do agree that base-building needs a revisit or new content to it added, since it hasn't been looked into or new content introduced since 1.01.
while yes some locks and stuff has been introduced the overall base building feature is greatly unfinished

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I get what you are saying and agree that a glitch shouldn’t be the solution to our problems. But if this is glitch is rectified before any base building improvements are made I will probably find some other way to spend my time. There will be no point in building bases and no point spending hours upon hours looting for high end gear.

So I think it is really up to the devs to decide what type of gameplay they are trying to encourage. I prefer the idea of other survivors having to fight you for your loot on your turf to see if they can best you, then allowing them to raid or even take over your base.

This comment was removed by Dwarden.
This comment was removed by Dwarden.

just wanna know if the issue was resolved or ignored.
ps: im on the "dont wanna" team

Geez added a comment.Dec 1 2020, 4:39 PM

just wanna know if the issue was resolved or ignored.
ps: im on the "dont wanna" team

The issue is still being worked on.