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1.05 experimental - Swapped Patrol Jacket disappears inside buildings
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If you are wearing a Patrol Jacket, and replace it with another jacket (by dragging the new jacket into the slot), the Patrol Jacket will disappear.

This only seems to happen in/on buildings.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Wear a Patrol Jacket

Go inside a building

Place a different jacket on the floor

Drag it over the slot, to replace the Patrol Jacket

Notice the Patrol Jacket will disappear, along with any items inside.

Additional Information

Buildings I tested this in:

Military barrack, civilian barrack, summer camp cabin, tool shed, apartment roof

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@Geez I have tried testing this again, and it disappears EVERY time. I will edit the report with the new information.

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Report it in this ticket T139622 . The problem is reproduced in different places.