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Poor health has almost no effect on the speed of the character
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Movement speed is almost unchanged even at the red health level. You can also jump and cross fences, etc. also on red health, though at 1.04 the character was much slower and couldn't jump.


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Windows 10 x64
Health System
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After falling from the bridge, health changed its color, however, the speed of movement was almost unchanged and the opportunity to jump remained. Only on flashing health i cant jump.

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Read the ‘tweaked’ section of the patchnotes. The increased speed at low health is intentional. I tested it myself, and it wasn’t as bad as being ‘unchanged’ as you say.

The real question is, why increase the speed? Could it be because future plans, such as broken bones will fill the role of slow movement penalty? 🤔

good prediction @EnterThePug but my main concern is that they really need to reduce the general player speed at <50% health.

It's way too fast and ruins the flow of combat

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