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Dead body meta
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Please make it so that we have to ‘check pulse’ on dead bodies. Currently, we just look at the body and determine it’s dead by the fact that it says ‘survivor’. This is unnecessary meta. It would be so much better if we had to stop a second and actually check their pulse.

Having it say things like it did in the legacy version would be good, too. i.e. ‘No pulse and is warm to touch’.... Then we could determine whether the person died recently.

In all fairness, that last bit would probably be useless in current DayZ because bodies despawn too quickly... Which I assume is related to performance. Would it be possible to just despawn their loot, at the current rate, but keep the player there for much longer? Have them turn into an object, rather than a series of containers. (Easy for me to say, I know). I believe there was talk of decaying bodies. I hope this is still on the table.

The position of a body also tells us if a player is dead (to many... I personally still can’t tell) but I assume that rag dolls, if they ever come, would eliminate this problem.


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jamielou.007 added a subscriber: Geez.EditedAug 12 2019, 11:31 AM

While you are also at it, make the unconscious "ragdolls" (quotes because of GIB RAGDOLL つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ) more random and unique.

I hate seeing the same unconscious position fall every. single. time.

(the above screenshots show how the unconscious and for the most part dead body corpses always end up in the same position)

It would be nice to see a variety of different unconscious positions, where the people can potentially

  • be lying on their stomach
  • sideways
  • different head positions (facing diagonal, facing left/right, not always looking upward)
  • variety in eyes being closed or open

CPR should also be random (same with breaking out restraints) whether you can get them up regarding their heartbeat, and know with the progress wheel when they will get up.
If you want to guarantee your unconscious buddy to get up, make people use a defibrillator or epinephrine!!

Something like these would be nice

HUD should for sure ALSO automatically get DISABLED when unconscious, and sound should be passing in and out of vision. ----> Would enhance Immersion.

(as you can see, there just a bunch of clutter on the screen which shouldn't be there for intense moments)

Along with that, the dying animation and You are Dead screen also need some work
We need proper head bobbing support for #1 to work so please put it on the list. It will also help tilt the camera when rolling in prone

  • 1. Have the 1PP camera follow the head when dying (instead of looking down your throat when dying like currently)
  • 2. Have the 3PP camera drop to the floor showing the ragdoll collapse and instant cut to dead screen
  • 3. Have instant cut to black screen "You are Dead" (fade to black is just cheesy, & can help with calling out enemy positions)
  • 4. Have no menus pop up and just a single simple black screen with the "You are Dead". It really is powerful and helps to convey, that you just lost everything ;)

^ current dead screen w/ menus popping up
(we can press ESC key on our own! really helps for immersive videos/gameplay)

#1 example:
#2/3/4 examples: ( 3:05 - 3:15 )
#3/4 examples: instant fade to black when headshot? (3:49-4:07)
#1/2/3 examples:

Lastly, We need to see a fix for when clicking the respawn button,
you can shortly have vision for a second around you where you died, as a cheating way too survey the area of your dead body.
Needs fixing to stop exploiting this to your buddies @Geez
please bring back ragdoll :D

and to expand on @EnterThePug having increased despawn timers to atleast 20+ minutes is a must, and should be high priority for you guys.

It's really frusterating that you have to be pressured to loot bodies as you know it will despawn real fast.

The idea of also decaying bodies (with disappearing containers after 20+minutes to help performance) would really help add to the environment too devs.
Having it last till the server restart, and flies over it (awesome).

Can't forget about carrying/dragging unconscious/dead players too :)

I know it's a long list I just mentioned, but I hope you can implement these, especially the main ones in the first comment.

Thanks :)