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Fatigue and the associated breath holding are often broken.
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When a character has a lot of objects and a lot of weight - the character has a small supply of energy, below 10%, he can run, jump, restore energy and run again. But the character cannot hold his breath when aiming through the scope at the target. The problem arises if once fatigue reduces the margin of strength to 0%. After that, the character can run, but the breath holding will not return. The character can return the breath holding if, for example, throw a backpack on the floor. The force scale will be restored to a value above 25-30%, the character will again be able to hold his breath and pick up a backpack, run and jump. As soon as the "reserve of forces" stops at 0% - "Holding the breath" will be blocked.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
OS 1809
Steps To Reproduce
  • the character must have a lot of weight, endurance scale reserve ~ 9-10%, not more.
  • raise the rifle, look into the scope,
  • hold your breath until the stamina is completely lost.
  • wait until stamina is restored
  • try to hold your breath
Additional Information

A similar problem was resolved on this ticket -
A lot of weight blocked the character’s ability to run and jump.

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@Geez hi. Please check this issue

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@Geez Hi. Can you check it out?

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@Geez hi :)

Please check this ticket.

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Hello Lex and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.

Lex added a comment.Jan 9 2020, 3:21 PM

@Geez Hi. It is not included in 1.06. It's very frustrating. On servers where the character is always working on the edge of the weight limit, are often forced to throw the backpack on the floor, after a short run, the fight with zombies, and so on. This often causes a loss of inventory - threw the backpack, I could not pick up, restart the server, or a combination of such problems. It is scheduled for 1.07?

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@Geez Hi. Thanks for fixing this ticket in 1.08. Please close this ticket.

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