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Issues with restraining people & poisoning (1.04)
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  1. You cannot handcuff someone while they are performing an action (like drinking water from a pump, cutting rags)
  1. You can't handcuff someone in certain positions (I don't know how to reproduce this, but when the player is standing, crouch, or prone, sometimes the prompt is blocked, much more buggy then before to do)
  1. When you feed someone disinfectant or alcohol or any position/over-feeding, no puking animation will happen which sucks when torturing people :(
  1. When handcuffed on certain slopes (steep or depression looking down) you can see under the map.

  1. When in an injured state and you hold one of W A S D before fully being restrained, the handcuffed object model will glitch out and fly away from your hands (any type of handcuffs like rope, ducttape, etc.)


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I think not allowing the player to see how long he has to break out is a good feature like in .62 rather than currently.
It seems too META/Gamey, that you'll know the exact moment you will break out. Dynamic and differing timers for breaking out from each item would be nice too rather than always static.

When there is too many items or prompts on screen (Like a bunch of loot and door in front of you) it can sometimes be impossible to perform actions like handcuffing someone due to this user action system.
Also, it can block you from opening doors as well, (with loot and dead bodies blocking access from freeing yourself out of a door!)
something that should be addressed.

PLEASE allow the ability for restrained people to jog too like in .62 The walk is sometimes sooo slow>

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👍 lots of valid points. Restraining someone whilst they are performing an action is one of the best times to do it. No good if it’s not possible! Handcuffs should also take AT LEAST 1 minute to break out of. Being able to jog would BE GREAT. Having captives attempt to run off adds a massive gameplay dynamic. Being able to run of whilst captive will be exhilarating!

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