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View-model Issues in ADS (1.04)
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1. Using gloves, and then using ADS with guns like the MP133 and IZH-18 Rifle bugging out and hindering the view especially while leaning

2. Using surgical gloves, the gloves model can clip in the lower hand

and it doesn't fully flush to the sides of the gun, appearing like it's floating in your hands (especially on the AK101 and M models although)

3. There is no Depth of Field for the AK101/74 model and Kobra sights are broken
When shooting even AKM (where it's not broken, you can still see the clipping)

Here is the AKM when shooting with Kobra. You can see clipping when spraying:

4. There is too much DOF on the pistols except for the FNX which looks great:

5. The 2 battery powered optics for the M4A1 are overdone with the DOF effect. It can be just toned down a bit (but the DOF is still a good addition)


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Additional Information

I would also like to mention that sometimes the ViewModel in 1pp can be very skewed at times (like looking up or down) or especially when leaning left which should be fixed.
It can be sometimes pretty ugly in 1PP, so it might be something to work on, however only visual.

Although I'll make a proper report on that issue of when it does get very skewed

Please also allow ACOG to take the battery and be able to remove yellow illumination reticle! It is only designed for the night and should be turned off during the day

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This might be something good to fix before Survivor GameZ @Geez

I also thing DayZ can improve it's view models for point-aiming to look more visually appealing and potentially better for gameplay (point shooting where bullet follows barrel path)

Here is DayZ MP133 ViewModel (it looks okay looking straight, but when you start going down or up it starts to look rather bad)
(but when you are moving with it in your hands it doesn't look bad and it should be like that or like Tarkov's)
#1 MP133 Example:

When looking down or up on DayZ, the weapon becomes unshouldered which should not happen.
When you're moving and looking down it becomes shouldered and has a nice ViewModel
#2 Mosin Example:

Here is Escape From Tarkov Viewmodels


I would also like to cover massive issues on leaning affecting ViewModel as well.

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Thank you for the report jamielou.007.
Majority of the issues are known and scheduled for a fix. Those that werent were confirmed and scheduled for a fix.