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1.04.152076 - Networking issues/Rubberbanding/Lagging OFFICIAL VANILLA DayZ [Server name included]
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Dear Dev-Team,

I'm not sure you are aware of this, but appearently the netcode still has issues when there are too many players in each others bubble at the same time.
I was with 2 friends and it was the exact same for them, so it's not on my end.

It was on the official vanilla DayZ server <<<DayZ NL 3664728 HC (Public) - Hosted by>>>
We were on the NWA where we heard shots, so that's how we know there were many players there.

On our screens, we would run in one position for 1-2 sec and then be shoved forward where we would come to run in position for another 1-2 sec and so on.
I haven't seen any player lagging since the "NEW DAYZ" and so I'm very surprised and shocked this is still a thing.

When we moved away from the NWA it got slowly better and better until it was no more at some point. Hence the theory of it being caused by too many players being in each others bubble.

I hope this issue is on you radar, or at least now. Thanks alot.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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1803 | OS Build 17134.885
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I’ve noticed my own character stuttering when out of stamina. Wonder if it’s linked?

@EnterThePug I believe this issue is linked to the change they made regarding the removal of a "no-sprint-zone" on the stamina bar. You can now sprint as soon as you have a little bit of stam recovered and when this is immediately used, it causes this weird stuttering.

@freerider3434 makes a lot of sense actually! nice one.

T142388 this could be a side effect/result of these network issues on these servers @freerider3434 was talking about. very game-breaking with gunshots being silenced without a suppressor!

Also, the stutter that @EnterThePug needs to be fixed too, it occurs after you run out of stamina, and you keep holding the SPRINT button, allowing you to move at sprint speed while jogging! (I think it mainly happens when with heavyweight encumbrance on stamina too)