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[1.04 Stable] Melee strikes that register as "Brain" hits do not apply any damage.
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When melee strikes to the head area register as "Brain" hits instead of head hits, there appears to be no damage applied. I believe this is because the brain health coefficient vs. a melee attack is currently set to '0'.

If this is a bug, then's a bug.

If this is intentional, then the problem appears to be that unlike projectiles, melee cannot do damage to multiple body parts (in this case, the head and the brain) with a single attack. If you could, the player would be guaranteed to at least get the head damage (multiplied by whatever modifiers are involved). However, the game chooses one of the other. If it chooses "brain", then the player gets screwed.

Video below:

Logs of the seven strikes in the video. Only "Head" hits register. "Brain" hits do not:


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Hit player in the head with melee
  • Observe damage values for "Brain" hits
Additional Information
  • The testing was done on the online version.
  • I spawned in player objects with the Online Tools, however to make sure this methodology was valid, I also tested this with a second online player, and observed the same behavior.
  • It's possible this issue exists with any melee hit to a "vital", however it's easiest to reproduce a "Brain" hit.
  • I observed this same behavior with a wood axe.

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and yes while you are at it. Makes unconsciousness in melee a possibility again.

when bashing someone in the head they always die, or even just the torso. You should always be able to knock someone out with melee, so please reconfigure the shock dealt with melee weapons especially to the head. (IF you land some nice power attacks to the head, you deserve to get a nice knockout on the opponent :)

@jamielou I was recently knocked out by a sledgehammer, so it’s definitely still possible

This is still an issue in 1.05:

Logs of the hits:

2 of the 5 hits registered as "spine" hits for 0 damage.