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(1.04) Scopes issues & no barrel + no front irons sights?
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First, the PU Scope Issue introduced in 1.04 makes the PU Scope transparent, and very weird. (Not like a lens with multiple reflection layers)

**2nd,** all scopes don't have any barrel lengths or iron sights in SCOPE ADS anymore (I don't know if it's a bug, but it does not feel right and strange).
Especially for Scopes like the ACOG, PU Scope, and PSO 1 and 1-1 it just doesn't look as appealing or right

The old view through the ACOG and seeing the barrel + irons looked amazing and so cool when the end of the guns would recoil up
Please bring back this visual feature!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Use any of the scopes in the game (except Hunting Scope since that doesn't need to show the barrel and irons)
  2. Aim Down the sights
  3. You will not see the barrel or irons

- PU Scope Issue

  1. Attach PU scope to Mosin or SKS
  2. View the scope while in point-aim or in Iron Sights ADS
Additional Information

The Hunting Scope is completely fine without showing the barrel and irons, as it wasn't working properly, it looked ugly, and in lean, the scope didn't tilt.
That's fine :)

How some looked before:

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Hello jamielou.007 and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.

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Hello again.
Is this still an issue on the latest version?

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Yes on latest Stable verision
I get the same issues.

and with the Night Vision Scope, there is a few issues:

  • When you lean, the scope doesn't tilt
  • There is an issue with the transition from ADSing into the scope (it's either completely blank for a bit, then goes to NVG Green (or black when there's no battery)
  • The model is very big and hinders ViewModel significantly

Hello @Geez Update as of 1.05 first update to Experimental.

The scope iron sights are still not appearing and are just a blank canvas with just the reticle.

However, the PU Scope issue has now been fixed (the texture was missing prior)

Scopes like Kashtan, ACOG, PU, PSO variants optics, should all have their gun barrel/iron sights showing however currently it is not.

Side notes: I just noticed you can stay focused in scope while going into crouch, to prone, to standing, to rolling over. This should be fixed and your eye shouldn't be fixed into the optic during these abrupt movements

The ACOG has a yellow reticle even during the day, it should only be on at night or at least a togglable option to turn it off/on (make it take a battery??) Picture below

Thank you for the update, I hope to see more changes/fixes/tweaks to gunplay and combat soon ;) Keep up the good work.

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Finally they fixed the PU Scope.

And both ACOG and PSO scopes use radioactive material to light up the scopes but only the PSO uses a battery, I get it that is hard to code the scope lighting up with the amount of light in the surroundings but atleast make both use batteries then.

Yes, would be nice. I really hope they fix the irons sights issue not popping up on viewing through the scope.

and I hope to god, they slow down the ADS transitions for scopes and irons, from lowered to Scope, and from Scope to lowered (vice versa basically)

You do realize, in real life when looking through a scope, you don't see the front of the barrel or iron site. On my AR-15, my front iron site goes half way up through the field of view of my scope, but you don't see it when looking through the scope. Seeing the front of the barrel and iron sites, when looking through the scope, in game, is very weird to me.

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Hello @Geez This issue is still not fixed as of 1.09.153372.

The Vanilla Scopes seem to float in space...

.. while the player modded-in weapons and scopes do not have this issue.

Any comment on fixing this issue?
This was not an issue prior to the 1.04 patch.