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1.04 Experimental Significant performance drops when accessing full inventory
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Performance drops up to nearly 80% when accessing full inventories. I had a field vest, gorka jacket and pants, utility belt w/ holter and canteen, sposn tortilla bag, and combat boots with combat knife. Upon accessing my inventory, my frame rate was dropping about 20-30 fps, which wasn't too bad because I was going from 100+ to approximately 60-70fps. But, upon accessing my vehicle's inventory (which was also nearly full with weapons, car parts, and ammo), my framerate was dropping to ~20fps sometimes lower.

PC Specs:
GTX 1080
i7-4790k @4.5ghz
32 gb ram @2400mhz
Running on an SSD


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

1.) Get a character with a very full inventory (vest, backpack, big shirt and pants)
2.) Access inventory and notice framerate drop
3.) Get a vehicle (in my case it was the VW Golf, not sure what it's called in game) and have the trunk full with items
4.) Access the vehicle inventory to lose frames
5.) I'm guessing that this will also apply to tents and other containers, so it might be worth filling those up and noting the performance drops

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Did you recover FPS when you closed the inventory screen?