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ObjectBuilder's Buldozer Attach Failed. No viewer found.
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Hello, I've had this issue with The Object builder the past few days, It arose out of seemingly thin air, I had this issue previously but fixed it. my previous fix was just copying the game's executable and DLL files to my P drive. But this no longer produces any results, the issue is the same as it used to be with the external viewer not attaching and saying there was none found. I've Reverified DayZ, I've Reverified the tools, I've completely reinstalled the tools as well but nothing seems to work. And I've been through hoops with lots of other lovely, helpful people who have sent me screenshots of their options and launch perameters and even copying their executables over and nothing seems to work. It just happened over night and stopped working. I know that sounds crazy but I assure you that's what happened, it was working one morning, I shut down for sleep. booted back up the next morning and got back to work and the viewer refused to attach. I've changed my directory to the base game directory, triple checked to make sure everything was set up properly and nothing worked, I've even re-did the P drive with the official dayz tools p drive as well as mikeros tools DayZ2p And neither produce any results wither. I've copied my DTA folder from the dayz directory to my p drive as well as my dayz.gproj.
I've also never gotten a single log from it.
It doesn't crash it just doesn't want to attach the viewer.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Edition: Windows 10 Home, Version: 1809. OS build: 17763.437
Additional Information

I'm unsure if it's relevent but I've made sure my executables are all running on default settings, I've also tried compatibility modes to see if that changes anything. i've ran in windows vista/windows7+all service packs and that doesn't work, I've ran as administrator and not. I just want to get it functional again so I can continue working on my mod. Without Object Builder it's really hard to do edits for me. I've gotten accustomed to it. And it's pretty much impossible to do proxies without buldozer.

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