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Strange Servercrashes only with 55+ Players
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We are experiencing massive Crash Issues with our Server since the 1.03 Update and are even after 2 Weeks not able to fix them. I created a "Feedbackpack" for you with all files included (logs, serverfiles, Modpack, configs ...). I've already did most of the work to find the issue, but I'm now at a point, where my knowledge and possibilities reached an end. I'm experienced with finding Bugs and Error with Java, I program for over 4 years now and I learned different methods resolving Issues, but as I said: I have no clue, what to do now.
Link to the feedbackpack: it's ~519mb in size and unpacked ~4.40GB
SHA-256: 6F976A58546ADD74631B6D06619B4409CDC61E0A84DBCCB1F7FC914B4ADAA824
Because I can't change the visibility to Private I protect the Pack with a Password I will send to rVn on Discord !
The Pack will include a README.txt with more useful information
I really need your help and hope you can help us or fix the Bugs causing the issues.
Whats strange too is, that after a crash It can happen that all Players want to join and at a specific Point the Database does not respond and blocks all Players trying to join and after ~2min the Serverconsole Says "22:29:14 [CE][Hive] :: WARNING :: Save to db couldn't proceed."
LBmaster / Lennard


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows Server 2016

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