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Server does not find and correctly load a mod that has space(s) in its name even when wrapped in quotes
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(I guess) Everyone knows that with Linux dedicated one must wrap -mod= -line in quotes (" ") when using mods that have space in their name. Just as an example @This fine mod needs to be loaded with "-mod=@This fine mod". Afaik this was working not long ago.

Today after a while I tried to do this with one such mod but couldn't get the server to load the mod. I could see from the list of official and unofficial addons, that gets displayed at one point during the server startup, that one of my mods with a space in its name wasn't being loaded correctly. This was because the server was unable to locate the mod (folder).

No matter how I wrapped the modline in quotes (like so: "-mod=@Unbelievable modification") the server stubbornly cut the mod name leaving the modification part out. Because of this the server was trying to load @Unbelievable mod when it was supposed to load @Unbelievable modification mod instead.

It would seem that even when wrapping the modline in quotes the server only takes the first word from the mod's name and leaves the other words out.


Operating System
Linux x64
Operating System Version
Arch Linux 4.20.3
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

Try to load a mod with space(s) in its name. For this wrap the modline in quotes like so: "-mod=@War of remnants"

Start the server and observe the list of official and unofficial addons that gets displayed at one point during the server startup. The list in this example's case should only show @War and the mod you are trying to load does not get loaded at all.

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dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.May 28 2019, 8:46 AM

Same here. My server is launched by a custom management software which passes all arguments seperately. So the command line quirks don't even come into play and it still errors on whitespace.

Astaroth claimed this task.Jun 7 2019, 7:27 PM
Astaroth added a subscriber: Astaroth.

Thx for the reprot. We will look on it.

Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.Feb 17 2020, 3:07 PM


@Amontieri @dedmen Could you please let us know if this still occurs?

dedmen added a subscriber: cup.Feb 17 2020, 3:27 PM

Negative, runs fine now
"@cup Terrains - Core" as modfolder name works fine.

Wulf closed this task as Resolved.Feb 18 2020, 8:21 AM

Great! Closing.