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Unable to use DamageSystem override for custom RVMATs on BI models.
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We are retexturing several BI models and are using hiddenSelectionMaterials[] entry in config.cpp to succesfully override the materials for the item to make fleece shirts out of plain ones and add detail to others etc. However. The DamageSystem doesn't allows us to override the rvmat? How do we get our custom .nohq, .smdi and .as to work with the damagesystem. If we add the rvmats to the DamageSystem it does not work. It works for our own custom mask model. The Wool Coats with nodamage from the example below keep looking pristine with their custom rvmat working. remove the damagesystem and they will look damaged but the custom nohq etc are gone as soon as they go below pristine

Attached you will find a zip with an attempt to create a complete new woolcoat_leather item with it's own colorbase from the woolcoat and an override from the regular woolcoat attempting the same.


The NoDamage variant is using the DamageSystem. The WithDamage is not. I know wrong way around, but it's indicating if it gets damaged or not. It does not matter which way I create the item btw, full override or not, it will both not allow rvmat overrides through DamageSystem.

It does work for our custom model for the plague mask. I won't share that zip here however due to this thing being public.

So how do we override this or is this broken?


--Ammo from DUG


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Get the shared zip working as a mod and see how it does not work as intended by shooting the items to damage them.

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having the same issue.