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Emote Wheel Locks Controls
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Opened up the emote wheel and the game locked me out of controls. Tried every key, but was frozen. The only key that did anything was tab, and when I would hold it, the Xbox Buttons would show at the bottom of the screen telling me A to select and B to go back. Funny thing is I had no Xbox controller plugged in. Had to close game via task manager to fix.

The only "controller" I had plugged in was some flight sim rudder pedals. Thrustmer T.Flight Pedals to be exact. I suspect these might be the source of the issue, and the game is recognizing them as a controller.

Link to screenshot:


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

It was about a 50/50 that it would happen or not. Not sure what exactly would cause it, all I would do is open up the emote wheel, select one of the subjects, and it would either happen or not.

Additional Information

The game was not "frozen", in that the game was running normally and I could see everything moving. The controls were frozen however, and no keys except for Tab worked.