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[1.90] "Too many virtual memory blocks requested" after v1.90 update.
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Players' clients frequently crash with the dialog "Too many virtual memory blocks requested" while connecting to moded servers after v1.90 update. However, before this update, everything works fine.

Players always crash together at the same time, not just one player crash but others still stay in the server. The crashes seem to happen every five minutes or a bit longer. However, a dedicated server client used as headless client has never crashed.

Not only one client or one server crash with this problem, all players connected to my server encounter this problem, and other servers that I know also reported the same problem, so please check it soon.

This happens on both Windows Server 2016 and 2019, other OSs are still not tested.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Connect to a moded server, such as mine or
  2. Play for a while, better to be moving around quickly.
  3. All players' clients crashe with the dialog "Too many virtual memory blocks requested".
Additional Information

RPT and dump files of clients are below.
Notice that the error starts near Line 31512 of the RPT file.

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I also have had this happen as well. Though, mine has been on SP and not MP. I would be playing a mission and ARMA would just freeze. I would have to bring up the Task Manager to kill ARMA. And for many months now, I have been getting the stupid "Too many virtual memory blocks requested" error as well.

The memory issue is ONLY with the ALiVE mod and has happened in the past 2 versions as well as the current one.

With 1.88, I never had ARMA 'freeze up' on me. With 1.9? 3 times now and this is even with your campaign be played.. And about 90% of the time while using the ALiVE mod, I will get the Virtual Memory errors.

Thank you for your time into looking into this!


PS - I have 16gb of RAM and I am running Win7 with 24gb system managed swap file. When it freezes, Task Manager show <12gb of RAM being used.

trico added a subscriber: trico.Apr 27 2019, 5:27 PM

I'm having the exact same issue on the server I run. I also used to have the same problem with ALiVE too in hosted MP, but I think that was actually using up all 8GB of my memory. The current issue with the dedicated server crashing is not due to lack of memory however. The server has 24GB allocated to it on a 32GB VPS and is crashing while only using ~6GB.

Turned out the Nimitz Experimental Build mod was causing it in my case. I find it strange that a mod was able to cause an error related to memory without actually using up all the allocated memory.

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