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Options does not hold keyboard settings?
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Load Dayz from my PC, get into game and have no use of keyboard, go out check option and they are blank. Selections are either "user" or "pc-default", set to pc-default or user, go inot game and sometimes settings hold, sometimes not. I am using a Corsair K68, Windows 10. I have deleted game and reinstalled, deleted and reinstall Icue from Corsair. Deleted and reinstalled DayZ SA launcher.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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joma126 created this task.Feb 26 2019, 5:06 PM
Vitdom added a subscriber: Vitdom.Feb 26 2019, 5:35 PM

Make sure to run DayZ with the -dologs parameter and upload the .RPT log file from %LOCALAPPDATA%\DayZ\ by dragging and dropping the file here when this error occurs. That way DayZ maybe able to tell why the options won't load.

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Hello joma126 and thank you for the report.
Have you been switching between experimental and stable versions recently? As we are aware that switching between the versions may result in the key bindings being cleared.

Hi Geez,
Long time! Most times I just go to SA from my desktop. But I have gone back to normal Dayz to reset the kybrd options.

Just tried again to enter via SA launcher after checking options showing pc-default was loaded in DayZ. Used normal SA load/play option to enter, no kybrd controls. Backed out reset in DayZ option the kybrd to pc-default, went into SA used the load option and went in and had kybrd control. In Dayz the options for the kybrd controls show two options, User and pc-default, to thje left it says testgroup is that normal? Top says "Character" but no option to alter.

I have tried everything I can find on net and forums, I have completely deleted game/steam/sa , Corsair drivers etc. Keyboard works fine on all other games but not Dayz or SA. Any ideas at all?

I have even tried another (Razer) keyboard and that did not work either !?

Lex added a subscriber: Lex.EditedMar 13 2019, 9:38 PM

@joma126 I do not have a problem with loss of control. Try the following three steps:

  1. Follow the path:

C: \ Users \ Name \ Documents \ DayZ.
Here find the two files, delete both files and start the game.
Files to delete:
 - Name.dayz_preset_User.XML - in this file all control settings in the game are saved.
 - Name.core.XML - all control profiles in the game are saved in this file.

  1. Go to the game settings "keyboard settings".

Select the "user" profile in the game, and configure the key management in the first column (In the second column, it sometimes does not save settings.)
Click "Apply" and exit the game.

  1. Create backup copies of the files Name.dayz_preset_User.XML and Name.core.XML, anywhere on the PC. If there is a problem, restore files from them.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! I did as you advised and it worked, full keyboard control back on both DayZ and DayZ SA. Again thank you for the correct solution to a frustrating month or so.
Best regards

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