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Force feeding human meat too easy, high potential for Kuru trolling
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Force feeding is currently overpowered and can be done without the recipient having a chance to avoid being force fed.

Force feeding human meat can ruin the gameplay experience of the recipient player by giving the player Kuru.

It appears the threshold for catching Kuru from eating human meat was recently lowered substantially. It currently appears possible to catch Kuru from eating just one tiny bite of one piece of human meat.

Hence there is significant potential for griefing (i.e. exploiting a gameplay mechanic that is unfair and unbalanced). Force feeding human meat is a stealthy way to very easily ruin the gameplay of any nearby player.

The force feeding mechanic needs an overhaul: the recipient should be given the option to resist being force fed, or at least be notified very prominently (it is not possible to force feed somebody by stealth in the real world). In the short term, the threshold for catching Kuru should be returned to a much higher amount of human meat consumption, so that stealthy force-feeder cannot grief other players so easily.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
latest regular
Steps To Reproduce

To observe the low threshold of catching Kuru disease:

  • Eat a small fraction of one piece of human meat
  • Catch Kuru disease a short time later

To observe ease of griefing another player

  • approach another player with human meat in hand, from behind
  • feed a little bit when player is occupied, e.g. looting or in conversation
  • observe onset of Kuru and ruination of the player's game
Additional Information

The seemingly new low-threshold onset of Kuru disease in the new experimental build should be reverted to the old value until the force feeding mechanic can be overhauled.

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supermacro updated the task description. (Show Details)

This is still an issue in the stable 1.02 candidate

RoyBeer added a subscriber: RoyBeer.Aug 8 2021, 4:32 PM

This is still an on-going issue. Either force-feeding should only be possible in front of someone and when they're tied up/unconscious or there should be a way lesser chance of catching kuru.

A simple fix would be to make it that you have to eat a certain amount of human flesh to catch kuru, say a whole steak, so if someone manages to slip you a mouthful by sneaking, you have a chance to turn around and deal with them. Similar to the way you can eat with cholera, but too much food makes you vomit, so with eating human flesh (a whole steak gives you kuru) except the counter does not ever decrease so by the time you have eaten a whole steak, you have kuru no matter how long you leave it in between bites.

RoyBeer added a comment.EditedAug 8 2021, 8:30 PM

In real life you'll most likely get kuru from eating the brain, eating other parts is way less harmful. It would be easy to add a script to human meat that gives it, like, a 1 in 10 chance to carry the disease, similar like the Unknown Food Can does with salmonella (iirc?). But I agree, something like a counter that goes up with every kcal of human meat (carrying kuru) would also make sense and could actually make human meat viable for a one-time emergency situation.

RoyBeer added a subscriber: Geez.Aug 29 2022, 7:26 AM

@Geez has this been getting any traction within the team?

Currently, feeding someone else does not make a sound. It should make a sound just like eating