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Bodies falling/clipping through geometry, & becoming un-lootable
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Whenever you kill someone, and they ragdoll on geometry (particularly next to a wall, or even in a building floor) they fall through the structure/geometry and become unlootable in certain instances.

This can happen when

  • a person is right next to the wall, and dies/ragdolls through the geometry/wall to the other side, or into the inside of the building
  • a person is in a building floor, and dies/ragdolls through the floors in the building
  • a person is on one of those high hills like the hangar hills, or excavated asphalt, and falls through the it etc.

VERY game-breaking, and making killing anyone near geometry near or is impossible to loot.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Kill someone who is on or near geometry, that isn't general map world terrain

a) Right next to a wall
b) On a upper floor in any building (or in any building)
c) On one of those elevated spikes in terrain like the hangar hills at NWAF or excavated piles of asphalt

  1. Watch them fall/clip through the geometry in death ragdoll, and become unlootable
Additional Information
  • Armor system, needs to be fixed, or damage system. Helmet armor system is broken (SVD rounds tanking helmets)
  • Hit registration too, sometimes body shots take way too much to kill.
  • The FPS stutters, and server performance. ( especially in cities like Berezino)

Would also like to see

  • Red arrow going down to clearly know you're bleedin
  • Shock damage/unconsciousness added in gunfights, and longer unconscious times (along with you waking up on your stomach, not your back, as it causes delay and is clunky/glitchy to get back up using C)
  • Corpses having no collsion when looting them, and despawn timers for corpses increased more
  • Higher player slot caps!

EDIT: @Geez
another popular clip on Reddit of this occurring

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It happened to me while continuously hitting the body against a wall inside a house. The body fell underground, unreachable.

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