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M4A4 Needs looked At
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M4A4 needs looked at as you can see in both these clips, couple of things i need to point out the first clip you see was before 1.0 on a modded server which i understand a little more if its because of the mods 19 days ago. The second clip you see was on 1.0 release which was The Chipotle Bandits 3PP.

Please fix this i have marked this as major, anyway here is the clip.

1st clip-

2nd clip-


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Windows 10 x64
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AI Aiming / Shooting
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In the 2nd clip i picked up the M4 chambered it without a mag, loaded the mag fully and inserted into the gun and shooty shooty no worky?

anyway thanks anyway.

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Yeah i noticed that hipfire is broken. The bullets go anywhere but where you want the to. ADS helps alot to minimize that.

@Geez Ghost bullets or hit registration is still very much a thing and needs high priority especially for a 1.0 launch

Along with this, the same occurred to Smoke with an IZH (headshot didn't kill a person to the head w/ a motorcycle helmet & his gun was dead on the guy's head at the end but still missed?!)


  • Hit registration/Ghost bullets/ Hitboxes need to be fixed (head hitbox seems bad, especially for infected)
  • Players being able to tank rounds to the head with high calibre ammo because of the armour system (helmets, motorcycle helmet should not stop 5.56 or 7.62 rounds!)
  • Point-fire spread/dispersion might be a bit too much in the current game
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