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Audio - Vehicle Distances
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Since new patch, you can't tell how far away vehicles are, due to the sound being all around you.
When SUV is 200m away, it sounds like it is right next to you.

So far observed with:



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Windows 10

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zikmoxxx created this task.Dec 6 2018, 1:56 PM
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Thank you for the report. Testing on the current build proved that it works as it used to. Could you please create a video and either uplaod it here or provide a download link?

Thank you.

@Wulf you may want to read the changelog ;)
audio distances were tweaked for ground vehicles

Wulf added a comment.EditedDec 7 2018, 10:09 AM

My comment still stands you can tell from the audio where the vehicle is coming from the tweak was done so that you can hear the vehicles from further away, so a vehicle should not be able to sneak upon you and those vehicles are not subtle you can hear them from afar.

We tested it and we can tell from where the vehicle is coming from. It might be that you can't distinguish it as much as before because of the change, but it still works and does not sound like it is next to you from 200m away the difference is still there. It just might be different to you now and it needs getting used to. We will wait for more feedback and will adjust it accordingly if need be..

Groove_C added a subscriber: Groove_C.EditedDec 9 2018, 9:22 PM

Numerous players of our servers also report to have "problems" to tell how far a vehicle really is.

The direction can also not be very well spoted - there is like to much surround/space.

In A2 you could better spot the direction as in A3 in current state. Because when you place a vehicle with engine ON, and you turn your back to it or have it in front but can't see it, the vehicle can be much more to the right/left from your position but youn can't tell at all.
I don't know how sound is emitted from vehicles in ArmA. Like in a cone shape in degrees?
Could you give less degrees to this cone? to make it easier to tell more exactly the direction from the vehicle to your position?

I also don't know how the sound is increased/decreased when a vehicle drives closer or more away from you in ArmA. Is total audible distance for each vehicle like divided in several steps, like decrease/increase in 200m steps?
Because right now, after the update when a vehicle is at different distances from your position you can tell that it's closer or further, but you can't estimate properly.
Make finer steps maybe, more gradual?
Because in A2 you can tell much better how far/close to you different vehicles are, without seeing them. Tried it today.