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Matches do not work
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Matches do not work which causes an issue of cars not being able to respawn.

Before .63, you could force respawn a vehicle that wasn't considered broken by putting a match in the gas tank. Now, stranded vehicles will stay stranded and this makes the car economy of a server extremely poor.

Matches do not work at all, in fact you cannot even light a fire with a match.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Take a box of matches
attempt to use it on a car or a fireplace

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You can light fires with matches, but not blow up cars w matches for some reason

Edqar added a subscriber: Edqar.EditedNov 13 2018, 7:38 PM

I just used matches to light up fireplace, so that is working. Maybe igniting car ain't implemented yet.

as far as i remember the "destroy-a-vehicle-with-a-single-match" thing was meant as a workaround for bugged/stuck vehicles.
since the game is in beta now, i guess that devs don't think of this as necessary anymore, and left it out by intention.

to be honest, i think it was a bit unfair, that a single match could wreck a whole car, and it would be even worse now, because the vehicles are harder to fix and maintain now.
i think it should still be possible to destroy vehicles, but it should take more than a match.
and because that would be a new feature, it shouldn't come before 1.01

about fireplaces:
i light a fire with a match today. i had both dry kindling and matches.
if one of both is wet, you might have trouble lighting a fire.