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session lost randomly happens
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while in game, a "session lost" error randomly happen to players


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
win7 ultimate
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

on my dedicated server me or other people join, play normally, and while playing the error appear making someone (or me) disconnect, while server still run perfectly.
before battleye update ports it never happened, but recently it is unplayable for me, crashing almost every half hour!
(yes, i changed ports as suggested to 2302).

Additional Information

i'm no expert, but i think its related to battleye. i tried contact theyr support, but got no answer at all after more than a month.
server log say player disconnected. sorry i dont know what else do to help.

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DLEGION created this task.Apr 7 2018, 7:48 PM

2 months have passed, noone even considered this problem, thats quite sad.
in this two months i run all tests i could, here is a quick list of all useful infos i gathered until now:

  • happens on different servers, to random players, apparently at random times (tested on AB clan servers too, not just mine) from 2 minutes to 8 hours, soon or later battleye kicks players.
  • its BATTLEYE-related, because with battleye completely OFF (not just signatures v2) it have no problems at all.
  • is a server side problem, because many different people have it (tested on 10+ different friends, with different PC / connections)
  • battleye sometimes log in server console "player NAME kicked off by battleye: Client not responding" , and thats quite ridicolous because happens also when server is on my home LAN , with server PC at 30cm from my own client PC!
  • no mods at all, but custom missions. its easy to blame it, but all was running 100% fine before some updates just before TANKS DLC, and still runs perfectly without battleye...
  • verified server files, then formatted whole server, put back win10 and problem still here, tried ethernet, wireless, changing ports, tried different connection (moved it to my home for a week), tried other people's server (AB clan servers), tried different custom missions, soon or later happens too
  • contected BATTLEYE team, but dont even got answer. shame on them.

its dramatic for a persistant server, because people can get kicked anytime, maybe after 5 minutes, maybe after 8 hours (so dont even notice the kick because they dont play for 8 hours!), but totally kills immersion, gameplay, and bore people so much that they change server or even game! (like my friends did).
i tried everything i could, but i really cant do much else. hope someone care and fix this, bye.

Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.Jun 12 2018, 5:57 PM


Can you please send us your Arma 3 report with dumps? Here is how to do that.

Thank you.

i send you everything you want, but crash dump is not present, because nothing actually "crash", its BE that "kicks" players!

i just reproduced it now, i got even "lucky" because it happened in few minutes ....but its random, it can happen after 12h+, the only sure thing is that it will happen soon or later.
it happens to all clients (tested on 20+ friends at today date, and countless strangers seens kicked in console ) and without battleye it works 100%, never a problem (run mission on server for an entire week, client stayed inside for 3 days, then exited, rebooted PC, and other 3 days in with no problem).
as you see no mods run (running with them makes no difference), custom mission (that works 100% perfectly with BE off, so it should works with BE on too), but i found countless topic on internet about BE random kicks, so it can't be only my mission, that anyway i linked here.

here are all fresh files made now

please save the game!

dolf added a subscriber: dolf.Jun 13 2018, 10:56 AM

another month passed, still noone cares...
maybe people likes cheaters afterall...

for pure luck i probably found the solution.

seems to happen if the server machine (maybe the client too?) have more than one network adapter,
so disabling the real network adapter card not in use, in the network settings, seems to have fixed this!

AnonOp added a subscriber: AnonOp.Dec 17 2018, 11:36 AM

we have the same problem ... Random "Session Lost" ... Battleye support not answer ...