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AWC 304 Autocannon ammo for Armourpiercing is labeled Anti Personen in German what is Anti Personell. It should be something like Panzerbrechend or just AP


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Wulf assigned this task to falagor.Mon, Mar 12, 3:30 PM

Can you please provide screenshot showing this bug, or at least write the precise and exact text which is wrong? Thanks.

TheMasterofBlubb added a comment.EditedWed, Mar 14, 8:18 AM

When you correct it pls check if the issue with the Titan Launcher comes back. Its one of my old tickets. It was the exact same Problem but the other way around

Thanks for the note. All community reports are pending, we'll get to it once our hands are free after the Tanks DLC.

TheMasterofBlubb added a comment.EditedWed, Mar 14, 11:02 AM

Nono i mean it was fixed already.
Its difficult to explain.

There was a bug with the Titan Antipersonell Missiles.
They were called AP missiles. I did a report to change it from AP to Anti Personen so people dont get confused.

The Titan missiles are correct in the stable branch, it was just as a hint to not bring back the other bug.

I just wanted to warn you that it might be possible that both are related.