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I've been getting this crash very consistently whenever I'm flying any jet in game. It happens with and without mods.
I first started getting the crash after the jets DLC update. First time I got it was in the VTOL showcase. I usually get it after about 5 minutes in any jet.
I used the VTOL showcase to get the crash report. It happens consistently on my own missions I use the ALIVE mod with too.
The time it's crashed in the VTOL showcase is after you escort the helicopter and provide CAS, then when you search for the guy in the red smoke.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Version 1709 OS Build 16299.125
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  • Fly a jet for around 5 minutes.
  • Crash
Additional Information

I thought this was related to Windows 10's Game Mode so I've done everything I can to disable any sort of features related to that, through the registry and settings.
It would give a 'bad_module_info has stopped working' windows error before but the Arma troubleshooter would still give the 0xC0000409 error.
Since I disabled the Game Mode stuff, I just get 'Arma 3 has stopped working' and still the 0xC0000409 error.

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Here is a reddit thread where a user was dealing with the similar issue

Might be worth checking it out and giving it a shot
tl;dr version
Backup and clear %localappdata%\Arma 3\ and Documents\Arma 3
Reinstall the game completely

Just to follow up on this: still having the issue and it's only related to flying jets, with or without mods. I've completely removed arma and reinstalled with a fresh profile and everything, still had the issue. I reinstalled the c++ redistributables with their latest versions and that seemed to fix it temporarily but it just happened again last night.

Exactly the same issue over here.

I've Googled the "STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN" error code and looked at pretty much all the relevant results, and this is the only post that accurately describes my issue.

This happens consistently when I'm flying over Altis at high speeds, whether in a helicopter or a jet. Like Sceptre, I've reinstalled and I never had any mods in the first place. I've also tried all three memory allocators. Nothing has worked.

I'm at the end of my wits with this issue... can't really play the game while this is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

Is there any update on this? I have just reinstalled Arma 3 on a new machine, and I hit the same error when flying a helicopter (Blackfoot).

I haven't played regularly for a while - from the number of related posts, does this mean that jets and helicopters have been not playable for months??

Hello, I got the same error today with an AAF Jet and around 5 minutes of flight.

Getting these crashes at the end of the gunship showcase mission, just before landing at the helipad there. It's reproducable, at least when resuming from last autosave atop the hill where you pick up the soldiers. Running Vanilla with only official DLCs enabled.

Found a closed tracker on this issue here:

Setting the memory allocator to tbb4malloc_bi solved my issue for now!

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This is occurring for me as well, but only when I'm in an aircraft (jets, VTOL, or helis). I've tried deleting my profile, running in 32-bit, and changing the memory allocator. Nothing has fixed it, and I keep on getting a crash with the 0xC0000409 error. Sometimes it will happen after 10 minutes in a jet, sometimes 40.

Edit: I am running the game on Windows 10 64-bit.

Further edit: A complete reinstall of the game, including deletion of all arma-related folders, did not fix this issue.

This is still occurring as of the latest update (Contact 1.94). It took a lot longer on Livonia before it happened, though.

Here is the crash log from when it happened today:

This also happend to me today, while flying around Levonia in a chopper put in through the editor, no other units where on the map, and I was in the singleplayer editor,
flight time was around 10 minutes.

Here is another crash log for this same issue:

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Getting this pretty consistently whilst flying anything in warlords. Normally happens at point of weapons release or when im evading a missile and firing off flares. Really annoying when youve saved up lots of money to buy the aircraft in the first place.

Been getting the same issue on two separate computers in the Showcase Gunships, tried multiple times and game crashes every time, tried restarting, disabling all mods, deleting all saves. Same think happens crashes the game with same error.

CD_Nullis_YLI added a comment.EditedFeb 12 2020, 5:56 PM

Here's another crash report, restarted the Showcase from scratch with TBB 4 allocator active and no mods loaded at all - exactly the same result.

So two entirely different computers, both gaming spec, with mods, without mods, low video settings, high video settings, tied to complete it with and without user saves, always, always always this showcase crashes Arma.

Have completed every other showcase, but can't complete this one, not ever.

..aaand again.

..and here's another one that occurred today on an entirely different computer set up with exactly the same issue in exactly the same showcase. No mods loaded, gaming spec laptop. Crash.

I can keep sending these all day..

_ Any possibility I'm not wasting my time?

Rusik added a subscriber: Rusik.Apr 17 2020, 1:55 AM

Hello i had some crashes when i am in a aircraft (jets or helis):


Just had this crash again. Playing on one of the Official Warlords server, and again while flying the Y-32 Xi'an.
Would it be possible to get a response from one of the devs on this issue? It's been in the game for quite some time now and makes flying impossible for those who are encountering it. Thank you.

Happened again today. As there's still no news from any dev about this issue (after 2 years!), I think that it's safe to assume that there's absolutely no point in using this feedback tracker to submit error reports.
I guess flying planes in Arma 3 is just out of bounds for those of us who are encountering this error. I'll submit this last one, and then not bother to report any bugs in the future.

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There still is hope, I had the same issue, but it didn't happen again after i deleted the contents of my %temp%.

  1. "Win + R"
  2. Type "%temp%" and hit enter
  3. Ctrl + a (select all) and then hit delete.
  4. Any files that wont be deleted will just stay there
  5. Empty the recycle bin

Another way to access the temp folder is by User > AppData > Local > Temp
It worked for me and I hope it works for you too!

GUN3IT added a subscriber: GUN3IT.Jun 13 2020, 4:42 PM

There still is hope, I had the same issue, but it didn't happen again after i deleted the contents of my %temp%.

  1. "Win + R"
  2. Type "%temp%" and hit enter
  3. Ctrl + a (select all) and then hit delete.
  4. Any files that wont be deleted will just stay there
  5. Empty the recycle bin Another way to access the temp folder is by User > AppData > Local > Temp It worked for me and I hope it works for you too!

It didn’t work for me. How are you doing?

I have the same problem. Have you ever thought it could be the result of a hacker attack on multiplayer servers? Watch the crash always happen when you're doing an important game action against the enemy. I suspect it's a lousy crashing cheat... what do you think?

Same here. Crashing in multiplayer Warlords and even in singleplayer showcase. Deleting files in Documents fixes the error for some time (few hours) then it reappears (Warlords).
I noticed it crashed at 16:59:59 game time in singleplayer (seen on HUD). Seems similiar to this . Dont know whats the issue in Warlords.

Game is unmoded and I play on official multiplayer servers.
I have clean Win10 installation (no older than week).