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I noticed several translation errors in the french version :

1)There are two "Escouade d'assaut" in mission editor > groups (cfggroup). One of them is correct ("BUS_InfSquad"), the exact translation of the other (with the Marksman DLC marker) is "Escouade lourd" ("BUS_InfSquad_Weapons")

2)The titan missile AP (Anti-personnel) is translated into a "Missile titan perforant" (perforating missile) this is probably due to the original denomination (Missile AP = armor piercing or anti-personnel) . The exact translation is "missile titan anti-personnel" or "missile titan AP"

3)In Virtual Arsenal, the uniform:
U_B_CTRG_3 (rolled up sleeves) is translated into (t-shirt) => Correct translation : "manches retroussées" or "UBASC2"
U_B_CTRG_2 (T-shirt) is translated into (UBASC2) => Correct translation : "T-shirt"

These are the three most striking (and most disturbing) examples, I will look for other errors if there are any and modify this post


  1. Very many translation errors with "V_PlateCarrier*" some is translated into "Transporteur Foreuse" (Drilling vehicle, WTF) or "Gilet modulable léger pour grenadier" (Modular LIGHTWEIGHT vest for grenadier) about HEAVY plate carrier (those worn by BLUFOR's grenadiers and squad leader). There are probably other errors that I have not yet noted in this section

2)H_watchcap_cbr and H_watchcap_camo is not translated, This was done only with the colors => "Bonnet (coyote)" and "Bonnet (Vert)"


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I have corrected all but: U_B_CTRG_2 (T-shirt) is translated into (UBASC2) => Correct translation : "T-shirt" - can you provide a precise text of this in French? Or a screenshot?

Carrier GL Rig all corrected to Gilet modulable pour grenadier

Please either comment here or create a new report for the remaining and new issues. Closing this one, the changes will propagate in one of the following dev branch updates.

Thank you so much!

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