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Wheeled vehicles drive over known AT mines on roads
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Tracked vehicles never seem to drive over known AT mines.

Wheeled vehicles never seem to drive over known AT mines when moving off-road.

Wheeled vehicles will drive over known AT mines on a road if they do not have a waypoint within about 100m before the mines. (It may also be true that a waypoint within 100m after the mine field will cause the vehicle to avoid the mines)


Operating System
Windows 7
AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce

Vanilla ARMA, enter as Zeus. Place a bunch of mines on a road (Things, Mines, AT Mine).

    east revealMines _x;
} forEach allMines;

Place a Marid about 300m down the road from the mine field.

Give the Marid a waypoint about 300m beyond the mine field and it will drive through the known mine field.

Repeat setup.

Give the Marid a waypoint 50m before the mine field. Give it a second waypoint 300m beyond the mine field. The Marid will drive around the known mine field.

Additional Information

Tested only with AT Mines.

Tested with wheeled and tracked vehicles from NATO, CSAT and AAF.

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Thank you for the report. Were you testing this on a dedicated server or were you just testing it straight from the editor? Because I am not able to reproduce this. Could you please create a video of the issue and upload it here?

Thank you.


I thought I had been doing this in a dedicated server, but I guess not. I just tried it again on a dedicated and it works just fine - the Marid routes around the mines.

It is extraordinarily frustrating to work with ARMA when I get one behavior in the editor and another from a dedicated server. The efficiency of the work flow to test in the editor is miles ahead of a dedicated server, yet the tests in the editor are unreliable. Consider this a plea to use a dedicated server in the background of the editor - or to otherwise ensure that the editor and dedicated server have identical behaviors. I've been burned by this before because it's so impractical to repeat all testing on a dedicated server after "getting it working" in the editor.

Thanks for your help.

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Thank you for letting us know. I can't promise you anything, but I will push the plea further down the line.