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Bad module info
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Played for a long tiime with windows 10 fall creator version. But today I suddenly got the bad_module_error all the time, game is unplayable....


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Windows 10 x64
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start the game

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Zaloz created this task.Dec 28 2017, 11:03 PM

This has been happening consistently on a server I am an admin on. What is unusual is that the issue sometimes never reproduces, but other times, it consistently reproduces. The issue also impacts everyone who is connected to the server and has faced this issue at the same time and then it often continually reproduces for those impacted. This began happening about a month ago and I have been searching for a fix along with other members of my milsim unit. What enhances the oddness is that we have weekly operations with high volumes of people and on our operations server (different than the server I am admin on) we do not encounter this error. That server has a high volume of mods in place, while the server the error occurs on has zero. Time frame is also variable with the issue sometimes happening immediately and at other times taking anywhere from 1 to several hours of play before occurring.

Asylum? I'm also trying to find a solution. I tried Changing compatibility of all .exe files in Steam-steamapps-common-arma3 to run in windows 7/8 i also check the box deactivate full sceen optimization, Tried to play in 32 bits. It worked for a week or two and december 27 after christmass i reopened the game (there was an update too...) and it crashed. The problem is back..

Zaloz added a comment.Dec 29 2017, 8:57 AM

I am om altis life mostly, GTA arma servers.

The server at issue in my report is a base KP Liberation with some changes to the blacklists. I also tried the compatibility, XMP adjustments, changed the memory allocator, deactivated full screen optimization, and tried 32 bit. I also tried to play in full screen borderless, but no change there either.

To add more data to the issue, from discussion with the admin team, we have came to a conclusion that our instance of the issue is primarily tied to Zeus access. All of those with access to Zeus are the ones who crash when the trigger event occurs.

Zaloz added a comment.Jan 2 2018, 1:04 AM

Hm, no one has a clue why this is happening?

Wulf changed the task status from New to Reviewed.EditedJan 3 2018, 2:05 PM
Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.


Thank you for the report. None answered because we all had vacations you know Christmas. :)

Anyway I will try to address everything that was mentioned here. The last fix before Christmas fixed some of the issues but not all of them. We are still looking into the issue.

@Zaloz Again thank you for the report. You have pretty good dumps hopefully they will shed some light on the issue.

@bgromis Interesting information. Could you please create a separate ticket? Just in case there is a different reason for the problem so that it doesn't get mixed/lost here. Thank you.

PS: I think it goes without saying, but just in case I will ask since the latest fix have you update your server?

@Triedge You mentioned an update "December 27 after Christmas i reopened the game (there was an update too...)" what kind of update? During that time no update was released for the game. The last fix was released before X-mas. Was it an OS or Driver update?

@Wulf Thank you for the follow up. I have created T127500 for my report.

Fish added a subscriber: Fish.Jan 4 2018, 12:11 AM

I'm also having this problem.

Triedge added a comment.EditedJan 5 2018, 2:17 PM

Okay guys, after raging so much, i finally am able to play again without any problem. This video is what helped me. Especially 1:37 to 2:40. He show you how to change some values. Do not mind if the number in your files are not the same, just replace them with the numbers he said. (make a copy of the file before modification,just in case) i also got back on steam and put -malloc=system again in launching option (right click arma in steam,proprieties,General launching option then type in -malloc=system. I don't know which one fixed it, changing values or Malloc, but one thing sure, i am happy. Good luck! I used to have the problem as soon as i was moving around or driving a car.

This comment was removed by 12horstschlemmer.

@Triedge this is not an option. bohemia interactive must fix the problem because this error was caused by its failed update. bohemia interactive how long should we wait for a fix? The problem has been known since the beginning of December... FIX THE SHIT!!!

Wulf added a comment.Jan 5 2018, 3:49 PM

"Bohemia interactive must fix the problem because this error was caused by its failed update."

This was not caused by our update. This was caused by the Windows update which screwed a lot of things. We managed to fix a lot of these issues with the last fix but some still remain.

@12horstschlemmer Since you are already here, you might as well try disabling Windows Game Mode. That helped other people as well. If we can confirm that it is indeed caused by this we could do something about it.

Also you still haven't send me your dumps that I asked for in your ticket.

I have tried all sorts of methods none works 100%

Log files from my colleagues Bad module info...

I am having the same problem and I'm absolutely freaking out trying to fix this. I tried messing with the game mode settings on windows and such, I also even tried disabling full screen optimizations. Someone please help...

@Wulf if you have a fix pls send it the Argo guys too. Today i had the issue there too, but just 1 time and pretty random.

Wulf added a comment.EditedJan 8 2018, 2:28 PM

@12horstschlemmer - You have an incomplete rpt file I can't see your setup and what is going on before the error occured. Please reupload the report whith complete rpt. This time into your own ticket not here.

Also looking at your reports. It seems that you are experiencing the problem while doing something different than the author of this ticket which completely makes the situation different so please put your reports into your own ticket that you created and please write when exactly the crash occurs.

@carsonwms15 - The same create your own ticket and upload the files there with a description when the issue occurs. I will have a look at it.

@Wulf this is the full arma report log. It's sad that you can not work with your own Arma Report Log. and want to push the mistake again the user in your shoes. FIX THE BAD MODULE INFO ERROR!!! Do not always refer to any Windows settings or arma reinstallation. These references do not fix the problem.

Wulf added a comment.EditedJan 8 2018, 5:02 PM

@12horstschlemmer - I am not talking about the report in general or the basic.rpt, but about the .rpt file in your reports and dumps. Compare it to your colleagues rpt before you start accusing someone, there is something wrong with the file, that is why I asked you to trigger the crash and reupload the Arma report.

Zaloz added a comment.Jan 8 2018, 5:36 PM

Found anything from my report log @Wulf, just curious.

@Wulf I can not trigger the error. this mistake comes with me indefinitely. with my colleagues this error comes constantly. another colleague does not have this mistake. we all play on the same server. since this arma mistake is already over 4 weeks. it annoys very much on duration.

Zaloz added a comment.Jan 29 2018, 4:29 PM

@Wulf any solution for this report?

I continue to have this problem. Routine crashes due to "Bad Module Error Info"

Wulf added a comment.May 11 2018, 8:36 AM

@crysschros - Then please create a separate ticket with a description of when the crash occurs and upload your dumps, we will have a look at them.