setUnitLoadout command entities creation
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A lot of entities are created when using the setUnitLoadout command.
Reproducibility in MP/SP.

Game version: 1.76.143187
Branch: main


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Conditions :
-Have a Vest , Uniform or Backpack equipped.

Step 1 :
Run this command (i ran it 1000 times).

player setUnitLoadout (getUnitLoadout player);

Step 2 :
Log entities on the map with this command


Step 3 :
Go to the report folder (Appdata/local/arma 3)

Inside the file you see that like 10000 entities have been created locally at point [0,0,0]
On dedicated server , it decreases a lot the server/client performances : our server crashed a lot of times since we use this command and the players are experiencing heavy framerates drop.

Additional Information

Here's the copy of my logEntities after i followed the same steps :

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Thank you for the report we will have a look at it.

This cause massive performance issue in multiplayer.
Fix plz

It appears to happen more often when the frame rate is lower.

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This should be fixed with the next proper update.

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Thanks, btw you are also creating game logics each time you open Arsenal (didn't test recently). This could be fine to clean up that on arsenal closing (if not yet done).