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AI soldiers still rather to choose binoculars instead of rifle.
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Even in hard firefights Ai still rather to use binoculars than rifle, please fix it if possible.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Spawn 2 your squads, 2 enemy squads, start firefight, be sure your commander is immortal and have binoculars in its slot.

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Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.Sep 22 2017, 5:52 PM


I was not able to reproduce the issue. Could you please send us a video for us to see what exactly you did? Thanks.

Also are you using any mods or it is the vanilla game without mods?

Wulf changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Sep 22 2017, 5:52 PM
Tsnfsdnfkjsdn added a comment.EditedSep 23 2017, 1:16 PM

I'll try to record video (with vanilla). Yes i was uning content mods, but not scripts changing behavior of AI.

Ok, its getting very strange - i saw it with vanilla, with mods, but dont know what is triggering it. From what i observed, it looks like, when whole squad start fight, they all go "danger", and now its a question - they pull out binoculars (or laser range finders) when they become OUT OF AMMO, or when they are "AWARE" (after fight). I noticed this when there are only few enemies left or noone from enemies are alive.

At first try commander pulled out LRF (laser range finder) at "danger" state, when there was one close damaged apc from enemy side, and no soldiers nearby, second (from video i'm upoading) was soldier who after fight decided to look through LRF.

So there are 3 options that may trigger this behavios

  • Out of ammo
  • Aware
  • Both

Maybe there is even 4

  • Order to move somewhere.
Tsnfsdnfkjsdn added a comment.EditedSep 23 2017, 4:17 PM

Here is the video, guy with LRF appear in 11:37