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Duplicate HitPoint name
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Sorry for my English.

In .rpt after spawn some vehicles you have some errors.
As example:
Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitTurret' in 'B_APC_Tracked_01_CRV_F'
Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitGun' in 'B_APC_Tracked_01_CRV_F'
If u execute this code for Bobcat - getAllHitPointsDamage vehicle player; u have some results:

As u can see some hitpoints using czech names, some strange, some duplicate.
This situation repeated in different vehicles.




In my opinion need to rename czech selections to english, and edit others.
HitHull = hithull, not hull_hit
HitFuel = hitfuel, not engine_hit or palivo or fuel
HitEngine = hitengine, not engine_hit or motor
HitLTrack = hitltrack, not track_l_hit
HitRTrack = hitrtrack, not track_r_hit
HitTurret = hitturret, not main_turret_hit or vez
HitGun = hitgun, not main_gun_hit or zbran
HitTurret = HitCTurret (hitcturret, not commander_turret_hit or vezvelitele)
HitGun = HitCGun (hitcgun, not commander_gun_hit or zbranvelitele)
HitBody = HitHull (hithull, not karoserie)
HitLFWheel = hitlfwheel, not wheel_1_1_steering
HitLF2Wheel = hitlf2wheel, not wheel_1_2_steering
HitLMWheel = hitlmwheel, not wheel_1_3_steering
HitLBWheel = hitlbwheel, not wheel_1_4_steering
HitRFWheel = hitrfwheel, not wheel_2_1_steering
HitRF2Wheel= hitrf2wheel, not wheel_2_2_steering
HitRMWheel = hitrmwheel, not wheel_2_3_steering
HitRBWheel = hitrbwheel, not wheel_2_4_steering
HitGlass1 = hitglass1, not glass1
HitGlass2 = hitglass2, not glass2
HitGlass3 = hitglass3, not glass3
HitGlass4 = hitglass4, not glass4
HitGlass5 = hitglass5, not glass5
HitGlass6 = hitglass6, not glass6
HitRGlass = hitrglass, not ""
HitLGlass = hitlglass, not ""


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Thank you for the report we will have a look at it. :)

Is this anything I can temporarily fix on my own server or will I have to wait for a public update?